‘Joker’ review

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Joker was released a month ago and has already become an icon to film history. It has made over 300 million in the U.S and even more in other countries. Joker has now been titled as the highest grossing film, with its rating, of all time.

Joker takes place in 1981 and is about a man by the name of Arthur Fleck, who is played by Joaquin Phoenix. Arthur suffers serious depression issues and problems with constantly laughing. He has a passion for playing as a party clown.

Many people see Arthur as a freak and often will poke fun at him, or even beat him on the street. Arthur takes care of his mother in his small apartment while he’s not at work.

When a coworker of his gives him a gun, his entire life changes and he soon starts doing things to people that causes debates and havoc around the city. He dresses as a clown which is seen as an icon around the city of Gotham.

When I first saw this movie, I was instantly impressed by the uncomfortable camera angles and blurred backgrounds; it really fit for the unsettling and eerie feeling to the movie. The film’s awkward feeling fit very well for the movie but often would get a little consistent and would get a little awkward in a bad way and drew out the scene for too long. Other than that, most awkward moments were fitting.

I believe that the acting in the movie couldn’t have been better. Joaquin Phoenix really made you believe he was psychotic human being. The side actors were also very talented and something that really stuck out to me, was the reactions to certain things that occurred to the film. Such as when a person was killed, they would respond in a way that would make you feel uncomfortable and feel like it was almost real.

This film also sets a very high message to real life. Whether it’s debates, the economy, or the way people are treated these days. It kind of makes you think about how awful individuals can be to each other.

Overall, I believe that this movie deserves the love it has been getting and I’d give it a solid 9/10

4 places in Minnesota to visit this winter

I think that all Minnesotans can agree that our winters are cold.

But, there are two kinds of Minnesotans during the winter: those who embrace the cold, and those who don’t. This article is a list of activities to do this winter to bring out the inner, cold, Minnesotan within you.

1) Lake Superior Ice caves

Image taken from: https://www.lakesuperior.com/travel/wisconsin/ice-caves-of-apostle-islands-national-lakeshore/

The Lake Superior Ice caves are a truly amazing place to visit this winter.

It’s an amazing experience that has been around for a billion years. People say you can’t imagine the beauty of it until you see it for yourself. The caves are in a rural section of the coastline and there is a 1 mile hike across the frozen coast to reach them.

When you arrive, you can wander inside the caves and admire the pink, deep blue, white, and glass-like icicles that surround you from left to right, and above. In certain parts you can slide down little hills of ice and crawl inside concaves that are nothing like you’ve ever seen before.

It’s best to visit sooner rather than later, because of climate change not allowing this amazing event to occur every year. Although you might want to dress warm if you do go. Very warm.

2) Roseville Oval 

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The Roseville oval is a huge outdoor skating rink for hockey players, figure skaters, and just about anyone regardless of their skill level at skating. The Roseville oval is unique because of its size and is definitely a place to spend one of your cold days this winter.

 3) Keg and Case Market

Image taken from: https://www.kegandcase.com

Another way to enjoy your Minnesota winter, without having to deal with the cold, is to visit the Keg and Case Marketplace on West 7th Street, in Saint Paul.

This market is very unique and doesn’t offer what your normal farmer’s market would. The stores here vary from, bubble tea and homemade cotton candy, to a mushroom farm and pottery.

It’s a very warm, fun, and cozy atmosphere. Once you go, you’ll just want to keep coming back.

4) Saint Paul Winter Carnival

Image taken from: http://www.startribune.com/st-paul-winter-carnival-moving-to-temporary-home-at-kellogg-mall-park/495174101/

The Saint Paul Winter Carnival is an event, more of a tradition, that has been happening in Minnesota for a little over a hundred and fifty years! This carnival consists of ice sculptures, ice themed games, food trucks, vendors, and the classic Vulcans Vs King Boreas parade/ battle to determine if we will have a long winter or spring is on its way.

Overall, these are fun, entertaining, and unique places to visit in Minnesota this winter. You’re sure to be amazed with all of them, and to be surrounded with Minnesota culture.

Sports schedule for: Nov 18-23

MONDAY DATE:   November 18th
    Boys Basketball and Wrestling Practice Begins    
TUESDAY DATE:   November 19th
5:00 / 7:00 p.m.   Girls JV/Varsity Hockey vs.

Holy Angels

at Holy Angels  
WEDNESDAY DATE:   November 20th
THURSDAY DATE:     November 21st
FRIDAY DATE:    November 22nd
5:00 / 7:00 p.m.   Girls JV/Varsity Hockey vs.

Minnehaha Academy

at Minnehaha Ice Arena  
SATURDAY DATE:    November 23rd