Positive mindset

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A positive mindset isn’t something you can easily achieve in one day or overnight. It’s also not something that will stay constant. Every person has their ups and downs. With a better mindset, however, you’re bound to have more ups than downs. Or, you’ll be able to switch your downs to ups.

Always thinking positive can be hard sometimes. It’s something you sort of have to memorize in your brain. You train it to think happy when something bad in your life is happening. For example, when I’m stressed with school work I try not to get angry or frustrated because that won’t help me. Instead I think of ways to manage my time and I set goals for myself to finish the work. 

There is so much you can do to help grow your brain into a positive mindset. Starting your day off right is key. How you make up and spend your time in the morning could affect your whole mood for the day. Some good morning tips can be eating a good breakfast, getting in a light workout, meditation, or music you enjoy. Some people have their alarm set to songs they love so that the first thing they hear makes them happy.

In the morning it’s also nice to just takes a few minutes and meditate. You can sit and think about your daily goals and remind yourself how you’ll approach things and your day. 

There are a lot of things you can do during the day too. You can try to focus on the things that make/are making you happy. Do your best to not let little situations or things make you upset. Anything could switch up your mood. It’s always best to try to see the bright side of things or see them from a different perspective. During the day, it’s also a good goal to remember to smile, say “hi” to people, give compliments, and overall be nice.  

During the night, before you go to bed, is a great time to recap on your day. A good idea is to keep a journal of your thoughts, where you can share everything you’re feeling. Some ideas to help recap on your day is to share three new things you appreciate in your life everyday. You can also share three things that made you happy everyday, and explain one of your favorite moments of that day. Doing this can help you focus on the good things that happened instead of the bad. 

Everyone has their own ways of looking at things. People can have different ways of staying positive. These were just some tips and ideas on how you can go about your day. Doing this for one day may make you feel better for a short time. But doing things like this constantly will make you feel better for a long term.            

Joining a sport

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Joining a sport, especially at school, can be nerve-racking but brings many bonuses. If you’re contemplating whether you should or not, read the following benefits that may help you to decide. 

  1. Feel more connected to the school. Joining a sport may make you feel closer to the school. Not to mention how being part of a team, representing Highland Park, will hopefully help you to perceive school as more of a positive thing too. It is not a lifetime commitment and only lasts a matter of weeks. It’s not about being the best, but instead applying yourself and enjoying whatever you choose to do. 
  2. Meet new people. Meeting new people is definitely a big part of joining a sport in general. The bonus of meeting them through a sport is sharing similar hobbies and interests. For many people, meeting people on a sports team is the easiest way to connect and share a friendship with because you are all part of one team. You all will likely share one common goal to work hard and get better at the skills, or times, you want to achieve during the season.
  3. It’s all just for fun and the experience. Lastly, and personally, a very important reminder is that joining a school sport is to have fun. It is not supposed to be something you feel like you have to do because it is all just for your own enjoyment. It is okay to feel nervous about putting yourself out there and doing something you enjoy, because you are worried that you are not considered good enough. There are little to no limitations in joining a school sport for a reason. 

So, please consider some of these reasons if one of the sports coming up intrigues your interest. Also, keep in mind that this may be your only one of the few times you are able to participate in a school sport, so just try it out and hopefully you will have no regrets in the end!