Oh how the times have changed

So, as we all know, the St. Paul Public School’s start and end times have changed for all elementary, middle, and high schoolers. Some people believe it’s for the better and some do not. Let us see… 

The reason St. Paul Public Schools are changing times is because they have to maintain their three different bus systems and since they lost some buses, they have to have the buses leave all at different times. 

Some parents are concerned for after school, and their children getting home later, and not having time for homework, and after school activities. I spoke with a few students about how they feel and many students agree it’s for the better.

Parents are saying that with the different times it’s difficult to bring multiple children to schools. 

I met with one student in 10th grade, and they said that it’s nice to have an extra hour of sleep and getting home one hour later was not an issue. The sleep cycle is very important for us and really makes the difference but others don’t agree. 

Another student says that waking up earlier is more refreshing and helps with the rest of the day. They also say the time change interferes with outside of school activities. 

Now, we all know that Highland Park Senior High still has its fun clubs and activities, so at least it doesn’t change that, but we still have to deal with what seems to be an extra hour of our day, and that can make us very slow paced and tired if we don’t get enough sleep. 

The district had been talking about changing the times, so they could eliminate busing costs, so they could move the money to something more practical. 

Instead of being upset about the change we should embrace it. So, remember to get some good rest every night and manage your time well. Best of luck!


On August 29th, 2019 people flooded into the Highland High School building where freshman orientation occurred. It was fabulous! Kudos to all the upperclassmen and teachers who were welcoming and super helpful for us awkward freshmen. If you weren’t there you missed out. But don’t worry, I’ll fill you in. 

As freshmen arrived we were cheered on and welcomed (loudly). Even though we won’t admit it, it was nice. Everyone got a name tag and sat on the bleachers to be introduced to certain teachers and staff. There were fun and empowering games to get to know other people in our grade and make new friends. 

After our time in the gym we went to meet our Link Crew. We got to know everyone in our group and we got to play even more games. We found out information about clubs and our teachers. Our locker numbers and combos were given to us along with our schedules. Afterwards there was a grand tour! We got to find all of our classes and say “hi” to other Link Crews!

In the first week of school, the freshmen had a meeting with a few counselors, the principal, vice principal, and our school officer. They spoke to us about grades and being responsible with devices and such. 

On September 6th, all the freshmen reported to the cafeteria during 7th hour to get our Link Crew together! After everyone was outside sitting in our individual sections Snack Attack! began. There were loads of games and activities that we played and at the end we won one pack of cookies! Each team had one of the Link Crew leaders run up and pick a pack of cookies for each team to share. They were delicious!! 

Now you’re all caught up with the beginning of the year for freshmen! So far so good, right?