Black Panther review

By: Sagal & Aniso

Black Panther is a really good movie. It is a Marvel movie, based off of the Captain America: Civil War movie. Most of the characters were introduced previously on the Captain America movie.

The majority of the characters were African American. The movie stood out because most of the cast was black, which made many people excited for its release.

The visuals of the movie were another reason why it was a major movie. The country Wakanda, where the movie takes place, is a beautiful country, and it’s special because Wakanda was never colonized. Wakanda has great natural resources like the healing plant they have. The people in the community have respect for each other and will fight for their country if necessary.

Our favorite character is Shuri, the sister of T’Challa/Black Panther. In the movie, she is really funny and outgoing. She worked a lot in the laboratory creating really cool things like: suits, imaginary cars, and planes. She’s very intelligent and she really loves her brother. She loves working with the stuff she created, and also loves messing with her brother.

Shuri and her brother have a really strong bond. There was a scene where Shuri was fighting Eric, and she was losing, and Eric tried to kill her. T’Challa saw what was going on, and ran over and started to fight Eric. He does not like people messing with his sister, and he proved it in that scene.

Eric is the “enemy” in this movie. Eric challenges T’Challa (the current king) for the crown to be king. When Eric was little, T’Challa’s dad killed Eric’s dad and left Eric behind, fatherless. That’s where all the hatred and revenge comes from.

To find out who gets hurt, and who gets to be king, you should go watch the movie. We personally think this movie is great, and should have a sequel.

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