Sports schedule for: Dec 11-16

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Winter Sports: Co-ed Nordic Ski, Adapted Floor Hockey, Gymnastics, Girls Basketball, Boys Basketball, Wrestling, Girls Hockey, Boys Hockey, Boys Swimming, Danceline, Cheerleading, Alpine Ski

Activities the Week of December 11-16

Monday Dec. 11:

Boys Basketball @ River Falls C-Squad & JV 5:45pm  Varsity @ 7:15pm ( Bus 4:30/8:30pm)

Tuesday Dec. 12:
Girls Basketball @ Mound Westonka C-Squad 4:15pm  JV 5:30pm  Varsity @ 7pm (Bus 3:15/8:15pm)

Wednesday Dec. 13:

Co-Ed Nordic Ski Classic @ Hyland Hills TBD (Bus 2:20/5pm)

Boys Hockey @ Minnehaha Academy  JV 5pm  Varsity @ 7pm (Bus 3:45 and 5:15/9pm)

Gymnastics @ North Star 6pm (Bus 3/8:15pm)

Thursday Dec. 14:

Boys Swim and Dive @ Humboldt 5pm (Bus 3/6:45pm)

Boys Hockey vs. Moose Lake/Willow River @ Highland Arena  JV 5:15pm  Varsity @ 7:15pm

Varsity Girls ‘Blades’ Hockey @ Rosemount 7pm

Wrestling @ Como Park 7pm ( 3:30/8:30pm)

Friday Dec. 15:

Girls Basketball @ Cristo Rey Jesuit HS  JV 5:30pm  Varsity @ 7pm (Bus 4:30/8:15pm)

Boys Basketball vs. Henry Sibley @ HP C-Squad & JV @ 5:30pm  Varsity @ 7pm

Boys Hockey  JV vs. Minnehaha Academy  Highland Arena 5:30pm  Varsity Scrimmage vs. Ely @ Highland Arena 7:30pm

Girls ‘Blades’ Hockey vs. North Shore Storm @ Phalen Arena 7pm

Saturday Dec. 16:

Boys Basketball vs. Chaska @ HP  C-Squad & JV 12pm  Varsity @ 1:30pm

Go Scots!

Tips for helping you feel better in the cold season

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year…”
It’s also the time of the year when people seem to get sick more often than not.
Being sick sucks. This is a universal feeling that everyone can relate to. You don’t want to spend two days puking your guts out or being so dehydrated that you start to hallucinate. And you definitely don’t want to go Googling your symptoms only to be told by WebMD that you’re dying. So, whether you just have a bad case of the sniffles, or you can’t keep even water down, here are some ways to help yourself feel better.

1. Drink water, please, for the love of god!
No matter what is wrong with you, water will help you feel better. Drinking fluids will help flush out toxins and in general help you.
2. Get rest!
Sleep allows your body to regenerate and heal. If you’re tired, sleeping is ultimately what your body needs.
3. Listen to your body!
Your body knows what’s wrong. It will likely give you subtle hints on how to help.
4. Binge watch your favorite Netflix show or pick a movie marathon to while away the hours.
5. Cuddles
Whether it be with your pet, or a beloved stuffed animal, make sure you pull someone close (that can’t catch your cold!)

Now, go out have a great holiday season, hopefully, without any illness.

NBA teams and more!

Being 8 weeks into the NBA season, the new and improved “super teams” have shown who will succeed in this year’s games and who will lose. This year, many teams have shown that they have what it takes to go all the way to the playoffs, and maybe even win a championship. Some of the better teams in the NBA have been known to not do so well, but because of a few new additions to the team, they have been doing quite well.

The first team that is becoming a surprise is the Minnesota Timberwolves, led by the three-year veteran Karl Anthony Towns. The Timberwolves have started to become a force to be reckoned with and are on a roll to a playoff appearance. The Timberwolves record is currently 14-10 and they are 5th in the Western Conference. The Timberwolves sort of have a “big three” which includes: center Karl Anthony Towns, guard Jimmy Butler, and forward Andrew Wiggins. A few other key players that contribute to the team’s wins are forward Taj Gibson, guard Jeff Teague, guard Jamal Crawford, forward Shabazz Muhammad, and center Gorgui Dieng. The team is still struggling to beat some of the better teams in the West though.

The second team we will be talking about is the Boston Celtics. With the acquisition of guard Kyrie Irving, from the Cleveland Cavaliers, the Celtics have the best record in the NBA with a whopping 20-4 record. The Celtics lineup contains guard Kyrie Irving, guard Marcus Smart, rookie forward Jayson Tatum, forward Marcus Morris and center Al Horford. The Celtics lost their star forward Gordon Hayward to a terrible ankle injury that has put him out for the rest of season. Hayward suffered the injury only five minutes into his debut with his new team, and has said to be very happy to be back, and to be able to start recovery for next year’s season. The Celtics have done very well, even with the loss of their hometown hero Isaiah Thomas, and are said to play just as well going into the rest of the season.

The last team that is coming up in the ranks of the NBA and its best teams is the Toronto Raptors. The raptors have a decent record at 14-7. The Raptors are 3rd in the Eastern Conference and have been playing pretty decent as of lately. The Raptors are struggling to try and find a constant starting lineup because of injuries, and just finding the players that fit there offense and defense the best. Right now, the line-up is guard Kyle Lowry, guard Demar Derozan, forward Norman Powell, forward Serge Ibaka, and center Jonas Valanciunas. The Raptors have started to become a threat in the East but will have to be able to confirm a starting line-up to be able to beat the Celtics in a future playoff matchup.