Save your Internet

What is Net Neutrality?

Net Neutrality is what gives us the freedom to browse the Internet. It’s what prevents big phone and cable companies from controlling what we access and browse. Internet Service Providers (ISP’s) give us the platforms to post what we want. They provide the freedom and platforms for our speech. Net Neutrality prevents the ISP’s from controlling how fast or slow our Internet access is. It gives everyone on the Internet an equal experience.

What’s happening to Net Neutrality?

There has been concern that we could lose our Net Neutrality. Soon, the FCC (Federal Communications Commision) will vote to determine the status of Net Neutrality. Since 2015, the FCC has tried their hardest to change the rule of Net Neutrality. If things were to change, that means ISP’s would have control over what we do. Not only could they speed up or slow down our Internet access, but they could determine what is posted. The loss of Net Neutrality means potentially paying for the sites we want to access. It would be like subscribing to a magazine, making daily tasks harder.

Who will be affected?

Without knowing, everyone is affected. Whether you’re trying to roam the Internet or you’re trying to check out a business, it can be harder to access their content. Losing the ability to share online will make it harder for certain events. This means that groups such as Black Lives Matter and LGBTQ+ will have a hard time planning their events. Anyone who depends on the Internet to receive or put out information will have a hard time.

How can this change be prevented?

If you have social media, you’ve probably seen the petitions going around. You may be wondering “How does a lousy petition help?” The FCC doesn’t think many people understand Net Neutrality. These signatures bring it to their attention that we care about our Internet. Now, will this prevent Net Neutrality from changing? Possibly. Many have taken the opportunity to call the FCC and tell them what it means to lose their Net neutrality. Taking action by simply signing a petition can possibly stop us from losing our Internet freedom. 

To help prevent Net Neutrality, visit the petition below:

For more information about Net Neutrality, please visit:

Ways to save money

Being a teenager, with a million things on our mind, it’s sometimes hard to save and even make money, depending on your age. But it is important that you make a habit of saving money. Here are some of the things that have helped me save money, and also some ideas to help you make a little extra money.

Cut down your expenses
We all spend money on things we don’t really need. Think about it, do you really need to stop by a coffee shop to get a drink before or after school? Those extra 3-5 dollars you spend will add up. Let’s say you stop by Caribou 3 times a week, and your drink is about $5. That’s $15 by the end of the week!

Limit the amount of cash you carry
Keep your cash at home so you don’t overspend. Obviously, if you don’t have a debit card, and cash is your only option, try leaving some at home when you go out so you don’t spend it on stuff you don’t need.

Sell your old stuff!
We all have those pieces of clothing that we don’t wear anymore, but are still in good condition. Or, if you’re like me, you have a lot of pieces of clothing that still have the price tags on them. Places like Plato’s Closet will look through your clothes and give you cash for the things they can take.

Use cashback sites
When you do decide to shop online, use Ebates. Ebates is a website that has coupons and also gives you a certain amount of cashback. For more details visit the website,

These are not the only things you can do to save/make money, but these are the ways I have found to help me the most. Hopefully they help you too!

2017 Best Album’s

2017 was overall, the best year for albums; hands down. Let us give you a rundown of the best albums of 2017.

At number one we have Drake, More Life. On this 22-song project, we see many of Drake’s sides: a variety of friends (old and new), local and global, heartbreaks, solo, and features. With features such as Young Thug, Giggs, Kanye West, etc. Drake really put out his best in this album.

Next, is a new artist who featured on Rihanna’s Anti album: Sza. Sza unravels through largely improvised meditations on love and sex, and all the promise that both endure. Fans went crazy when she dropped her album Sza, because she talked about self love, and the confidence a woman should have. From working 9 to 5 and being his “weekend,” Sza flourishes in her own way.

3) 4:44, Jay-Z, the 47 year old multi-millionaire, dropped the year’s self confessional. Jay-Z confronts his own failings as a husband in “4.44” and being a public figure in “Kill Jay-Z.” With multiple samples of music from the 60’s, Jay-Z gives publicity to his own wealth, which his daughter will inherit in the future.

Number 4 is rap’s most powerful voice, at the top of his game, Kendrick Lamar. With his album Damn, one of the number one albums of the year on the charts, he talks about his deepest feelings, world problems, and a lifetime of battling anxiety. With slow jams to upbeat jams, and 50 lines without a break in one stretch, his creativity really made this album perfect.

An unforgettable album that’s still played in many people’s cars, is SweetSexySavage by Kehlani. Kehlani dropped this album mid January, after her mixtape was released in 2016. The album was attracting and appealing to many of her fans, because she wrote all of the songs on the album (aside from the “Intro”). It debuted number three on the U.S. Billboard 200. On her album, Kehlani mentions her previous boyfriend Partynextdoor, who is also a singer/songwriter. She talks about growth, as a person and as a singer, and also how she’s learned from her past. She embraces change, and writes to her young fans to accept how they are.

Sports schedule for: Dec 4-9

For  a full calendar of events please refer to:

Winter Sports: Co-ed Nordic Ski, Adapted Floor Hockey, Gymnastics, Girls Basketball, Boys Basketball, Wrestling, Girls Hockey, Boys Hockey, Boys Swimming, Danceline, Cheerleading, Alpine Ski

Activities the Week of December 4-9

Monday Dec.4

Tuesday Dec. 5:

Co-Ed Nordic Ski vs. Henry Sibley @ Mendota Trail  3:45pm (Ski to race then Bus return 5:30pm)
Girls Basketball vs. Mpls. Roosevelt @ HP  C-Squad 4pm  JV 5:30  Varsity @ 7pm
Boys Basketball @ Mpls. South C-Squad & JV 5:30  Varsity @ 7pm (Bus 3/8:30pm)
Girls Varsity ‘Blades’ Hockey vs. Bloomington Jefferson @ Phalen Arena 7pm

Wednesday Dec. 6:

Wrestling @ Johnson Invitational 3:30pm  Varsity @ 7pm (Bus 2:30/8:30pm)

Gymnastics vs. Edison/Henry @ HP 6pm

Thursday Dec. 7:

Girls Hockey to Eveleth (Bus 1pm)

Friday Dec. 8:

Girls Basketball @ Concordia Academy-Roseville C-Squad 4:15  JV 5:30  Varsity @ 7pm (Bus 3/8:15pm)

Boys Swim Conference Preview @ Humboldt 5pm (Bus 3/7:30pm)

Boys vs. Basketball vs. Simley @ HP C-Squad & JV 5:30  Varsity @ 7pm

Boys Varsity Hockey vs. Legacy Christian Academy @ Highland Arena 7:30pm JV vs. St. Francis @ 5:30pm

Varsity Girls ‘Blades’ Hockey vs. Eveleth-Gilbert @ Miners Memorial Arena 7pm

Saturday Dec. 9

Varsity Girls ‘Blades’ Hockey vs. Northern Lakes Lightening @ Breezy Point Arena TBD

Go Scots!