HP Tailgating 2017

October 7th, was Highland Park’s big homecoming game, and of course, comes the fun filled and food filled tailgating (which comes before every homecoming game)! This year, at Highland Park’s tailgating, things such as temporary tattoos, pins, an awesome photo booth, and of course food, were being sold to those who showed up to show some school spirit.

Though this particular day was very cloudy and rainy, and many booths lost their electricity, it didn’t stop many students and their family members from showing up to help  support the school. Many different school clubs participated in this event including, Union Latina, FFA, Student Council, and many more. Each brought their own great items, especially the food, things like taquitos, popcorn, fresh lemonade, and horchata were being sold. Many people showed up and enjoyed this event, and so I went around and asked some students how their experience was and what some of their favorite things were:

“This was my first ever tailgate, and I loved it. All of the people and the food there was great. Definitely a memory to add on to for my freshman year.”

“I had a good time with my friends and that awesome photo booth really made the day so much more fun, plus the food there was so good.”

“Since this is my last year here, I am super happy with the experience I had. I was able to hang out with friends, eat good food and even get good Highland merch to remember the great experience.”

Even through the rain and the cold, everyone who showed up seemed to have a great time, and for many, it was their last high school tailgating. Many seniors showed up to help lend their support, and I believe that many great memories were made. This year’s tailgating was one to be remembered!

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