Mental health issue for teens in the U.S.

According to the National Alliance on Mental Issues, it is shown that 1 in 5 teens suffer with a mental health problem. Most of the teenagers start at age 14 and it can last until the age 24. Discussions with others is the first step of getting help. Mental health develops for complicated reasons that researchers can’t find. According to, many teens face many pressures which can be: physical, emotional, hormonal, sexual, social, and intellectual. These pressures could easily become overwhelming for teens.

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Key Mental Health Issues
The main mental health issues in teens, as stated by, are Depression, Eating Disorders, and Drug Abuse.

Depression– Many teens suffer with depression which can come from stress and should be treated right away. Signs of depression are changes in sleeping patterns, unexpected weeping or moodiness, eating habits either gaining or losing weight, and abandonment of friends or social groups.

Eating Disorders– Many teens also suffer with an eating disorder worrying about their body image and how they look. Body image concerns could become an obsession and can severely affect teen health. There are two types of eating disorders:
Anorexia: Anorexia is avoidance of food and a different eating habit. Their obsession of losing can trigger them to have an eating disorder. Treatment is needed like seeing a doctor or a therapist immediately. 1 to 200 women suffer with anorexia.
Bulimia: Purging (forced vomit) after eating is a sign of bulimia. Be alert for dramatic weight loss without changing their eating habits and also going to the bathroom after every single meal. 2 to 3 in 100 women suffer with bulimia.

Drug Abuse– Drug Abuse is mostly caused by peer pressure. Mental health issues can not just lead teens to experiment in alcohol and drugs but also to use substances as a “self medication.” Be alert for prescription drug and misuse. According to the AAP, prescription misuse by teens is second only to marijuana and alcohol misuse. Also over-the-counter medications can be abused as well. Teens frequently abuse cold medications.

Make sure to talk to a pediatrician if you have more concerns. So many mental health issues can become serious if not treated right away. Your Pediatrician can provide medical help and also refer you to the best mental health organization and professionals.

Lana Del Rey Concert

By: Ali and Eddie

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Lana Del Rey officially released her United States tour dates on Wednesday, the 27th of September, and her tour starter is in, you guessed it – Minneapolis. The “Blue Jeans” singer came out with an album this year titled Lust for Life and it featured popular artists like The Weeknd and Stevie Nicks on “Beautiful People, Beautiful Problems” that reached number one within days of its release.

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Del Rey’s new mood, and change of rhythm, has sparked controversy between fans who swooned over the old melancholy and depressing songs in her albums Ultraviolence and Born to Die and are not feeling some of the new upbeat melodies in her new album. Fans are also disappointed that 5 out of 16 of the tracks on Lust for Life are all features and collaborations with more mainstream artists, which seems to be pointing to the conclusion that she did this for more recognition in the music industry. However, Del Rey has continued to deliver her beautifully haunting voice vocals in LFL , and touches on subjects such as: homelessness, death, love, war, and beauty.

Tickets are now on sale for the Lana Del Rey concert at Target Center, here in the Twin Cities, January 5th, with special guests Jhene Aiko and Kali Uchis. All ages are welcome and tickets start at 40$.

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