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Grand Slam

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On October 27th, the seniors of Highland Park, class of 2018, had their very first field trip together. For this trip, all of the seniors gathered together to go to Grand Slam for their very first bonding experience to start off their last year of high school.

Grand Slam was kind enough to let the seniors take on all of the fun activities they have available including:

– Mini Golf
– Laser Tag
– Bumper Cars
– Trampoline
– Batting Cages
– Arcade

For the two hours that the seniors were there, they got access to all of the games, laser tag being the most popular, of course. There was alway a very long line waiting outside the laser tag room. For the laser tag, each group got a total of 5-7 minutes to play, being split into teams of blue and red, and I can tell you that it was the most fun I’ve ever had! Here are some things the students had to say.

“It was so fun! I got to spend time with my friends and I got to play laser tag for the first time.” – Calista Vang.

“Going into it, I didn’t think that I would have any fun, but surprisingly, I did. My favorite part was laser tag, I sucked at it but I still had so much fun.”

During the day, there was a time in between where each student was welcomed to grab a free hotdog and a drink; of course, there were other options, they just weren’t free. They had a variety of foods to pick from their menu, things like: pizza, cookies, coffee, and much, much more. Though it was a short amount of time, I’m sure that the seniors had a blast and would do it all over again.

“Grand Slam was our very first field trip together and the people who planned it did a great job! I know that there are many more great trips to come.” – Anonymous Senior

Last minute Halloween costume ideas!

Not everyone has the time to be able to create a wonderful costume that take weeks to create for Halloween, or the money to be able to buy an expensive costume from the store or online. So, here are some ideas for those of you that have waited until the last minute, and only have a limited amount of materials to use:

Get along shirt image taken from:

The get along shirt, perfect for two people who have no idea what to do for their Halloween costume. It’s one of the easiest costume to create! All you’ll need is a super huge t-shirt, one of any color, a black sharpie marker, and a person who is willing to be stuck with you all through the night. Simply write “Our get along shirt” onto the front of the t-shirt and get inside with your partner.


Tina image taken from:

Tina Belcher, the beloved cartoon character from the hit tv show, Bob’s Burgers, is another very easy costume to pull off! All it takes is a blue t-shirt, a black skirt, knee high socks, and of course some glasses. To pull it off even more, you can even try her signature groan, it gets people every time!

Stick figure image taken from:

For this costume all you’ll need are some black pants and a black shirt or sweater, along with some glow in the dark sticks. Simply tape the glow in the dark sticks onto your body, one down both of your legs, down your arms and one down your chest and stomach! Once you’re done with that, all you have left to do is make the head; simply connect the ends of one of the glow sticks and tape it all together. Once you step out into the dark for some trick or treating, you’ll look like the best stick figure ever!


When life gives you lemons image taken from:


Everyone knows the saying “When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade!” Well this Halloween costume is brilliant and very simple. The items you’ll need are, a white t-shirt, a black marker, and a bag of lemons. All you have to do it write the word “Life”onto your shirt and carry around the bag of lemons!


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For our last costume, the items you’ll need are some Smartie candies (as many as you can get), some glasses, and you’re regular clothing. If you want to go the extra mile, you could even get some suspenders to go with! Start with of course putting on your clothes, and then start taping all of the smarties onto your pants. Once you’re satisfied with the arrangement of your smarties, then you’re finished!

Have fun with all of these last minute costume ideas and make sure to have a fun filled and candy fillled Halloween this year!


HP Tailgating 2017

October 7th, was Highland Park’s big homecoming game, and of course, comes the fun filled and food filled tailgating (which comes before every homecoming game)! This year, at Highland Park’s tailgating, things such as temporary tattoos, pins, an awesome photo booth, and of course food, were being sold to those who showed up to show some school spirit.

Though this particular day was very cloudy and rainy, and many booths lost their electricity, it didn’t stop many students and their family members from showing up to help  support the school. Many different school clubs participated in this event including, Union Latina, FFA, Student Council, and many more. Each brought their own great items, especially the food, things like taquitos, popcorn, fresh lemonade, and horchata were being sold. Many people showed up and enjoyed this event, and so I went around and asked some students how their experience was and what some of their favorite things were:

“This was my first ever tailgate, and I loved it. All of the people and the food there was great. Definitely a memory to add on to for my freshman year.”

“I had a good time with my friends and that awesome photo booth really made the day so much more fun, plus the food there was so good.”

“Since this is my last year here, I am super happy with the experience I had. I was able to hang out with friends, eat good food and even get good Highland merch to remember the great experience.”

Even through the rain and the cold, everyone who showed up seemed to have a great time, and for many, it was their last high school tailgating. Many seniors showed up to help lend their support, and I believe that many great memories were made. This year’s tailgating was one to be remembered!

Spirit Week 2017

The first months of school are always the most fun. You get to see all of your friends, favorite teachers, the football games, and homecoming! Here at Highland, we have a Spirit Week every year, leading up to our pep fest. Homecoming pepfest consists of performances by the Dance Team, Cheerleaders, and others. The homecoming royalty will also be announced, and the captains of fall sports/clubs will introduce themselves and talk briefly.

This year, Spirit Week is from Monday, October 2nd, until Friday, October 6th. This year’s spirit days are as followed:

Monday – PJ Day

Tuesday – Superhero Day

Wednesday – Jersey Day

Thursday – Class Color Day

Friday – Red out

We asked some of the students about how they felt about the spirit days that are coming up, and here is what they had to say:

“I think that the spirit days this year are very overdone and that maybe next time they should think about doing something fun and something that hasn’t really been done before, something that makes us stand out.”

“I get that they are very limited on their choices for spirit days, but maybe if they could really try and get in one day that hasn’t been done before, things could change.”

“I actually really like the last two days, Class Color Day and Red Out. I believe that Red Out really unites us and makes everyone feel as if they really belong. As for the other days, they are very unoriginal and I hope that they try and come up with something fun and new.”

“I actually don’t really care for Spirit Week. I don’t think we should be so patriotic to a school we’re only spending 4 years of our lives in.”

“They should really do different themes; it’s so boring. The only thing that should stay the same is Class Color day and Red Out.”

“They could tailor it more to what the current students of Highland want. For example, no one wants to do Superhero Day.”

“I’m tired of always doing the same thing every year. HP is very unoriginal but yet again, coming up with good ideas that the student body might actually do is hard.”

With that being said, we also asked students what suggestions they had for future spirit days. Most of the common suggestions/themes we got back were, Tacky Tourist, Celeb Day and Opposite Day. Some of the other suggestions we got were:

  • Cartoon Day
  • Disney Day
  • Twin/Group Day
  • Opposite Day
  • Pride Day
  • Scottish Day
  • Tie Dye Day

We also asked students how they felt about having Class Color Day on Thursday. Many students agreed that we should do Class Color Day on Friday because we’re already split up by class, and we already have the separate class t-shirts. Though many people also agree with the idea of doing Class Color Day on Friday. There are others who absolutely love the idea of doing a Red Out instead, because they feel it is something that unifies all of us, and brings us together as a school so that nobody feels left out.

“I don’t think that it should take t-shirts to make us feel whole, or to unify us. I feel as if we should already feel that way, that everyone should know that no matter what color we are wearing, whether it be our class color or not. We are a school and we stick together and are a whole no matter what.”

Benstock 2017

Highland Park’s annual talent show, Benstock, happened Friday, March 10th. The event included a total of nineteen acts, each showing off many different talents such as: rapping, singing, dancing, spoken word, and even some magic. All nineteen acts were pretty great, and some even had people up on their feet dancing along to the music. The performers worked on their acts for weeks before the show, and you could see that in all of their performances.

Image courtesy of: Danasja Hall

The beginning of the show started with a short act performed to let people know that cell phones should be turned off, and the acts following only got better.

Fatuma Harbi, a junior at Highland said, “My favorite part of the show was the last act. The dancing and music was amazing and it just made the whole crowd happy.”

Out of all of the acts that were performed that night, my favorite had to be the magic act. Not only did it amaze many, but it was hilarious. For this act, members from the audience got pulled up on stage and got to participate in the show themselves. No one in the audience will be able to forget the little kid who got up on stage and made everybody laugh. 

The show included many vocal acts (singing, rapping, spoken word), all of them unique in their own way – from piano to guitar to even accapella singing.

The spoken word performance left many with tears, and everybody, including myself, loved it all.

Dancing included everything from K-pop dances to hip-hop, as all were included in this show. Many of our talented dancers blew us away with their dancing skills; it was something you wouldn’t be able to forget.

Benstock lasted for three hours, with a fifteen minute intermission, in between the acts, for people to be able to stretch out and take a small break. The line for tickets stretched out of the silver doors, and out to the parking lot in front of the main office.

This year’s Benstock was one that people had to be there for; all of the acts were amazing, and everybody left the show happy and satisfied.