Last minute Halloween costume ideas!

Not everyone has the time to be able to create a wonderful costume that take weeks to create for Halloween, or the money to be able to buy an expensive costume from the store or online. So, here are some ideas for those of you that have waited until the last minute, and only have a limited amount of materials to use:

Get along shirt image taken from:

The get along shirt, perfect for two people who have no idea what to do for their Halloween costume. It’s one of the easiest costume to create! All you’ll need is a super huge t-shirt, one of any color, a black sharpie marker, and a person who is willing to be stuck with you all through the night. Simply write “Our get along shirt” onto the front of the t-shirt and get inside with your partner.


Tina image taken from:

Tina Belcher, the beloved cartoon character from the hit tv show, Bob’s Burgers, is another very easy costume to pull off! All it takes is a blue t-shirt, a black skirt, knee high socks, and of course some glasses. To pull it off even more, you can even try her signature groan, it gets people every time!

Stick figure image taken from:

For this costume all you’ll need are some black pants and a black shirt or sweater, along with some glow in the dark sticks. Simply tape the glow in the dark sticks onto your body, one down both of your legs, down your arms and one down your chest and stomach! Once you’re done with that, all you have left to do is make the head; simply connect the ends of one of the glow sticks and tape it all together. Once you step out into the dark for some trick or treating, you’ll look like the best stick figure ever!


When life gives you lemons image taken from:


Everyone knows the saying “When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade!” Well this Halloween costume is brilliant and very simple. The items you’ll need are, a white t-shirt, a black marker, and a bag of lemons. All you have to do it write the word “Life”onto your shirt and carry around the bag of lemons!


Smartie pants image taken from:

For our last costume, the items you’ll need are some Smartie candies (as many as you can get), some glasses, and you’re regular clothing. If you want to go the extra mile, you could even get some suspenders to go with! Start with of course putting on your clothes, and then start taping all of the smarties onto your pants. Once you’re satisfied with the arrangement of your smarties, then you’re finished!

Have fun with all of these last minute costume ideas and make sure to have a fun filled and candy fillled Halloween this year!