NBA athletes and their pay

According to, NBA players are the highest paid players in the world, (right behind the NBA are cricket players in India), with an average player making $6.4 million a year. The NBA has had many players that have been paid millions of dollars to shoot and dribble a basketball. Some of the NBA’s best players are being paid anywhere from 20-30 million dollars.

This year NBA players have been getting paid higher than ever. Stephen Curry, the point guard from the Golden State Warriors, got paid a 5-year, 201 million dollar contract to play with the Warriors. This would make his annual salary just about 34 million dollars. Behind him is Lebron James, the small forward from the Cleveland Cavaliers. Lebron James has a current annual salary of about 30.3 million dollars. The third current highest paid NBA player is Paul Millsap, the power forward from the Denver Nuggets. His annual salary is about 31 million dollars. Some of the highest paid players in the NBA are paid so much just to stay with their current team and not leave to play somewhere else.

One of the most recent pay boosts is Andrew Wiggins from our local team, the Minnesota Timberwolves. He recently signed a 5 year, 150 million dollar deal. The contract had been available to him for some time now, but he didn’t take it because he wanted to let all his fans and teammates know that he wanted to stay in Minnesota no matter what and that pay wasn’t something that was a deciding factor. Wiggins, like most players, want to be seen to be players that don’t care about pay and love playing the game itself. The NBA likes to advertise their players as people who care and love where they play.

Many people believe that all the money NBA players make is from their play on the court, but a lot of their money and earnings come from off-court things. This can, and does include: advertisements, sponsors, charity, appearances on TV, and the internet. As the years pass, more and more player in the NBA tend to get paid more and more on and off the court.

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