Ways to eliminate distractions

~b290328It’s finally the start of a new quarter, and hence the perfect opportunity to change your work ethic to shape your study skills from the start, rather than waiting until the last minute to beg your teacher to bump up your grade since you’re only 0.01 percent away from a B. This year, teachers have been emphasizing their resentment towards students who don’t take the initiative to do their best in class from the start. Change your lazy habits now and show your teacher that you’re capable of being responsible.

Seniors, it is especially important for you to get on your teachers’ good side early on so that they will be more than happy to write you a letter of recommendation when you need it. Starting out strong at the beginning of the quarter will definitely motivate you to continue succeeding. Learning how to balance school assignments with home life will simplify your life, you will not have to face the giant snowball effect of work build-up at the end of the quarter, and you are less likely to have cold bitter feelings towards your teachers.

  • Have a bowl of snacks placed right next to you. Nibbling on simple repetitive snacks like peanuts and chips will both prevent hunger from distracting your work momentum and also the repetitive gestures and chewing actions will keep you in the zone longer. You are also less likely to notice the tediousness of your work until you finish the snack. Some good foods that supposedly makes you smarter? Blueberries, spinach, dark chocolate, and fish.
  • Remove all electronic distractions, and only consider using them for educational use. Studies have shown that listening to music may also help the brain, and a little of something in the background will make you less likely to think you’re not only doing homework. Try listening to natural sounds like rain or birds chirping.  
  • Sleep is a crucial factor in our ability to succeed, therefore you should get at least eight hours of it every night, instead of waiting until 11pm to complete your internal assessments. FYI: Trying to maintain focus and doing homework while you’re sleepy and tired is the same as focusing while intoxicated.
  • Take 5-10 minute breaks in between assignments. Now is the time to check your phone or stretch, because overworking your brain over a long span of time is not a healthy practice. Even when pulling an all nighter on the assignment due the next morning, still take the five minute break every hour and so.
  • Occasionally changing your methods of studying will help keep your mind focused. Change is good! A good way to educationally make use of your iPad is to download the Quizlet app used to make digital flashcard. Quizlet also offers various activities to help you memorize information using the flashcards you created. It’s easy, simple and fun!
  • Create a comfortable learning environment. Whether it’s your kitchen counter or your couch, make sure you surround yourself with all of the learning materials needed. Bring everything from a bag of pencils and pens, highlighters, textbooks, notebooks, and you may as well bring your backpack too. If having doubts about whether you need that one book, bring it with you anyways.
  • Use a planner. Even though our school does not provide students with one, it is a wise choice to invest in a planner. You don’t even have to spend much on it. You can get a small planner at Walmart for only $5, nothing fancy. Even a mini note pad would work.

And lastly, believing in yourself is a significant tool to boost your confidence. Make goals to become a better person, even if you think you’re already perfect. Instead of just sitting there, staring out into space, make use of every bit of time you have to complete work in school so you don’t have to run into the problem of laziness at home.

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