Is MOA more concerned about money or people?

moaPeople are terrified to leave their houses on Black Friday considering all of the recent terrorist attacks. Mall management has sent out a email to all company managers located in the Mall of America stating that their has been NO recent threats for an attack.

I myself have talked to police officers located at the Mall of America about my concern because I will be working on Black Friday. They told me they have K-9 units working with them, the SWAT team, and they even have their own police station located in the Mall of America. They won’t only have mall cops located in the mall but they are bringing in others from all around Bloomington. Black Friday will be a busy day at the Mall of America, but they are saying they have never been more prepared and are on high security.

Although there has not been threats yet, this does not mean they are lowering their guard. Many people are saying the Mall of America is more concerned about making money rather than losing people, and want them to shut the mall down.

I for one do not believe it’s fair that mall employees are supposed to work on a day they do not feel safe, there is no concern of any threats being made but if you truly do not feel safe – stay home. It’s better to be safe then sorry. Have a safe, fun, and careful holiday weekend, and if you see anything suspicious report it.

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