School survey

The 2015 school year started off with a bang! Seeing familiar faces from last year and getting to know new faces arriving this year. It’s always good to meet new people and still have your regular friends during high school.

With that in mind, my fellow writer, Tationna, and I decided to write and give a survey to all students in each grade at Highland Park Senior High. This survey asked 5 specific questions.


  • Name
  • grade
  • class they have next
  • their favorite class and why its their favorite class
  • what type of grades they get.




We separated the surveys by grade level, and then separated it again into class type. In total we surveyed 21 people throughout HPSH.

Here are 2 examples of the survey responses that we received:

1) Name: Dejra Bishop

Grade: 10th grade

Class you have next: Small animals; Do you like it? Yes

Favorite class: English  Why: Cause I know people in my class.

Type of grades you get: A’s and B’s

2) Name: Yalayna Buther-Griffen

Grade: 11th grade

Class your have next: Math studies; Do you like it? Yes

Favorite class: Drawing  Why:  Because I like drawing

Types of grades you get: B’s and lower

We found out that it’s better for others to work in a classroom with people they know because sometimes, depending on whether it’s a hard class or not, knowing people makes it a little bit easier.

Most of the people that we surveyed picked “History” as their favorite class.  One of the people we surveyed said, “I like learning World History and I like the way the teachers teach the class.”

While we were surveying people, we discovered that asking people questions is a great way to meet someone new, and get to know them and what they are into!  It also gave us an opportunity to become better aquainted with what is available at school and the new students that are attending Highland Park Senior High.