Should you take a gap year?


The gap year between senior year of high school and freshmen year of college is finding an increase in popularity in the United States, with a 20% rise since 2006, according to Forbes. Gap years originally started in the United Kingdom, but have expanded into an actual life decision. The American Gap Association records gaps as long as two months to two years.






Pros (according to Forbes and Time):

  • Gives students a chance to learn about themselves and increase self-awareness
  • More colleges are offering scholarships for students who want to take gap years, universities include Princeton and University of North Carolina.
  • Can help you re-evaluate what college you want to go to.
  • There are low cost gap year plans, such as AmeriCorps, City year, or WWOOF-USA

Cons (according to Forbes and Time):

  • Because gap years are such a big commitment, it’s not a good idea to only want to only want to commit yourself if you just want to have fun or travel.
  • Many public schools won’t let you take a gap year, if this occurs, try to talk to your school administrator.
  • To avoid colleges, you have to go back to school by the end of the year, so make sure to decide where to go before or during the gap year.

Marah Prpich Grade 12, Highland Park High School, when asked about her stand on gap years says, “No, I want to get college over with, if they want a break from the academics, or a break to find themselves then that’s a good idea.”

Ms. Esso counselor from Highland Park High School says, “I think they’re a good year if students have a plan; if they’re going to volunteer or intern.  Sometimes, it can be harder for students to start school again if they take a year off.”

So, the decision is different for everyone. Just be concerned with what is the best for your future and which career decision will make you happy.

Sports update Homecoming Week

Here’s a second update on some Highland Park fall sports! This past week was a rocky one with many ups and downs. Homecoming week was filled with some big games, including the football game on Saturday against Fridley;

The football team pulled out an exciting last minute win Saturday at homecoming! They beat Fridley by a score of 21-20. Congratulations to Danny Belinski for the game winning field goal! There was a great turnout for the game and tailgating prior. Congrats boys and keep up the good work! For more stats check out the Highland Park Football website;


James Farnsworth


Here’s a picture of the student section saturday, where as you can see many students participated in the red out theme!




Football homecoming game picture thanks to Jeniffer Ponce on the yearbook committee.

Girls varsity soccer had a successful week with two wins against Minneapolis South on Monday and Humbolt on Thursday. Winning a close game with a 4-1 score in the end against Minneapolis South. They won the second game of the week with an outstanding score of 8-1 Humboldt. Keep up the good work ladies! They have three upcoming games this week, two home games and one away game. The home games will be on Wednesday against our rival Central and Thursday against Simley. The away game is on Friday against Como Park. Come and support our lady scots on the field!

Boys varsity soccer team also managed to win a game this week but lost one as well on Monday. They lost a very close game against St. Thomas Academy with a final score of 2-0. Winning another very close game against Humboldt on on Thursday with 1-0 lead. This upcoming week the soccer boys will be busy with four games! Two home games are on Monday against Bloomington Kennedy and Wednesday against Central. The two away games will be on Friday against Como Park and Saturday against Minnehaha Academy. Come support the boys as they play our rivals Central and Como Park!

Girls volleyball suffered losses this week against rival schools Como Park and Central. Monday against Como, they lost by two in the fifth set, and Thursday against Central they also lost by two in the fourth set. Both games were very close and nerve racking with many ups and downs. Congratulations to the C squad and JV team who defeated both Como and Central! The team really appreciates all of the fans who came out to support! Here are some pictures of the amazing fan section:


James Farnsworth


James Farnsworth








The girls tennis team beat both Washington and Humboldt with a score of   7-0! Last friday, they also beat Central for the first time in ten years with a score of 4-3 and are now first in conference. This week they’ll take on Harding @ Harding and Park- Cottage Grove @ Highland. Congrats ladies, keep up the good work!

The cheerleading squad had an impressive performance this week at Friday’s Pepfest and Saturday’s game. Coached by Karen Sjoberg, she says, “They did really well and nailed it. I’m so proud of them because we practiced many new things and it looked great.”

Congratulations to Micah Mather and Abram Donovan for winning first at the Saint Paul Relays meet with a time of 24:44! Libby Pearson and Keiko Hilmo also won first with a time of 31:23! Both the boys and girls teams took first. This weekend they also participated in the Griak Invitational where Micah placed top 10! Their next invitational is this Friday, October 2nd. Keep up the good work!

Last week girls Swimming/Diving beat Como/Johnson with a score of 92-77. Their next meet is Monday the 28th against Blake at Blake. Good luck and congrats ladies!

These are just a few updates of the many sporting events going on this all at Highland. Check back here for more updates to come. Keep up the good work athletes. Go Scots!