Is TJ Nails worth it?

The question is: Is the nail shop called “TJ Nails” really worth what you pay for, and the answer is, yes, in my opinion.


image taken from the Your Villa Magazine website

TJ Nails is located on 598 University Ave W, St. Paul, MN, 55103 their location is easy to find: you go on University by the Rondo Library and go across the street and go to the Fish Hooks, and turn the corner and there’s a sign that says TJ Nails. The nail shop does pedicures, full sets, French tips, and eyebrows. TJ Nails does a great job at doing a person’s nail or face feature.

When I go to TJ Nails, I prefer to get Sam to do my nails. I feel like when Sam does my nails he is more careful, and concentrates more, and he takes his time more. Sam is the only male in the shop, and he does a really good job, but everybody else does to. Your nails will come out looking gorgeous and they will last longer than two months.

If you start taking your nails off, most likely your finger nail that grew underneath will come off because you need some special solution to take them off. Your nails will be just like they were before you got them on, but your actual nail will be longer.

I prefer to go to TJ Nails, as they are a good buisness.

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