Do teens really know about the politics of today?


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image taken from “The Liberty Standard” website

Teens this year are really focused on the politics & the elections this year, but do they really know what they’re talking about? We took the time to go around and ask students who attend Highland Park Senior High what they know about the politics of today.

Since this is the last year that President Obama is going to be in office, Republicans and Democrats are going to try to argue and persuade the American people, and are going to try to explain why the people of America should vote for them.

What is a Republican? According to Google, a Republican is:

  1. a form of government, constitution, etc, belonging to, or characteristic of a republic.
  2. A person advocating or supporting republican government,&  a member or supporter of the Republican Party.

It says here at that the top Republicans left in this Presidential election include:  

  • Donald Trump
  • Ted Cruz
  • John Kasich

There were 6 more Republicans running earliers such as:

  • Marco Rubio
  • Ben Carson
  • Jeb Bush
  • Mike Huckabee
  • Rand Paul
  • Carly Fiorina

Then there are Democrats: a system of government by the whole population or all the eligible members of a state, typically through elected representatives (according to Google).

The top Democrats left running for President are:

  • Hillary Clinton
  • Bernie Sanders

We asked some fellow high school students about what they know about the politics of today, and these are some of their responses:

Dejra: I know that there are Democrats and Republicans but I know that Trump is all talk, and what he says doesn’t connect with the world’s problems.

Angel: Don’t vote for Donald Trump.

Serene: I know that Trump is a Democrat and that most of the President candidates are Republicans so Trump stands out and he thinks he is the stuff because he a Democratic.

In the end, we realized that most teenagers don’t really know about the politics of today. We found out that most of the kids that talk about the politics mostly focus on the negative remarks based on what they hear. They know the basics of what’s going on and they don’t really know the actual information disputed and what the main problem is. It’s social media that makes one situation look like the next, and then makes each and every candidate look like the bad guy when every candidate has the ability of convincing one another why they would be a good leader for our country.

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