Wiki tribune

Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales recently launched a new website that wants to stop the spread of fake news. He wanted a place were people could view real news and believable things that aren’t fake. Wales said, “The news is broken, but we’ve figured out how to fix it.”

On April 25 the the website, which is called Wikitribune, launched and is free to the plublic. He didn’t want Wikitribune to be complicated because he wants it to be easy to access. Wikitribune is similar to Wikipedia, but Wales wants professional journalists, reporters, and a crew, instead of random people who could just add random things to the website.

The website is having a co-founding campaign, which has over 1,000 supporters. The website might go live first in the U.K. Wales told the news that many of the news websites would twist the information so that the viewers might find it interesting, and that sometimes they do it for the views because they know what the views are looking for.

College student crudely arrested for swastika vandalism

A University of Minnesota student was arrested Thursday, February 16th, and is accused of vandalizing a desk in the common area of his residence hall with a swastika. University police said they arrested the student,  identified as Matthew Gruber, on suspicions of vandalizing part of the 17th Avenue Residence Hall. The University student has not been charge with a crime yet, but they are holding him for suspicion.

The swastika was noticed by a University student, who reported that they found a swastika in their Pioneer Hall dorm room.

According to, the campus police told the local ABC affiliate, KSTP, “UMPD takes incidents and reports of bias related crime very seriously. These cases are comprehensively and completely investigated.”

Since December, there have been seven reports of swastikas, neo-Nazi propaganda and other anti-Semitic graffiti at the University, according to the University’s Bias Response and Referral Network.

Things athletes do during their off-seasons

Recently, many people in the world were focused on their television because of Super Bowl LI. Many of the athletes go through intense training to be the best of the best. But do your ever wonder what many athletes do when they’re done with their season? The answer is that most professional athletes take time to do things they aren’t able to do during their seasons.

One athlete, named LeBron James, is a professional basketball player. LeBron is the superstar guard for the Cleveland Cavaliers, and a four-time winner of the NBA’s most valuable player award. According to LeBron decided to travel to foreign countries in 2015, during his off-season, instead of playing basketball or working out, and he agreed to play a role in the movie Trainwreck. When he’s not playing sports he likes to act in movies.

Another athlete, Jen Rhines, is a 2000, 2004, and 2008 Olympian. According to when she had an injury she had to take three weeks off in July, so she traveled to Italy with teammates and biked around Tuscany. When Jen Rhines isn’t running she doesn’t worry about what she eats and takes a mental break from her race schedule “You can’t be on your game all the time,” she said.

And lastly, athlete Larry Fitzgerald Jr., who is a wide receiver for the Arizona Cardinals, likes to travel to foreign countries according to Larry Fitzgerald Jr. has been to more than 80 countries total since first breaking into the NFL. He averages about two months of globetrotting every off-season. He has scuba dived nearly 30 sites worldwide, and has set foot on all seven continents.

Most athletes don’t usually practice all the time when it’s the off-season, so they can also enjoy some of the things we do everyday.