College student crudely arrested for swastika vandalism

A University of Minnesota student was arrested Thursday, February 16th, and is accused of vandalizing a desk in the common area of his residence hall with a swastika. University police said they arrested the student,  identified as Matthew Gruber, on suspicions of vandalizing part of the 17th Avenue Residence Hall. The University student has not been charge with a crime yet, but they are holding him for suspicion.

The swastika was noticed by a University student, who reported that they found a swastika in their Pioneer Hall dorm room.

According to, the campus police told the local ABC affiliate, KSTP, “UMPD takes incidents and reports of bias related crime very seriously. These cases are comprehensively and completely investigated.”

Since December, there have been seven reports of swastikas, neo-Nazi propaganda and other anti-Semitic graffiti at the University, according to the University’s Bias Response and Referral Network.

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