DIY Halloween treats

Halloween is great for indulging on festive treats, and for getting free candy! Or cheap candy on November 1st when all the Halloween candy is on sale. But who says you need to wait until Halloween day to enjoy these treats. Whether you’re throwing a party, going to one, or just want something fun and easy to do with friends or family, here are some Halloween themed treats.

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Oreo Pops

This is one of the easiest recipes I could find, and it’s fun to do with your younger family members! This specific recipe is extra fun if you’re a big The Nightmare Before Christmas fan.


  • Oreos
  • White chocolate melts/candy coating
  • Lollipop sticks  
  • Black icing/edible pen
  • Black ribbon (for decorating, optional)

You’ll want to melt the white chocolate and put a little bit on the lollipop sticks so they stick better to the Oreos and let them set for a few minutes. Once they’re set, dip the entire Oreo in the white chocolate and let them set in the freezer. Once the white chocolate has completely set use the black icing to make Jack Skellington’s face and enjoy!

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Halloween candy bark

This recipe is perfect if you’re invited somewhere last minute and want to take a treat, or for after Halloween, after you’ve got all your candy either from trick-or-treating or buying it all on sale!


  • Chocolate melts/candy coating of your choice
  • Edible candy eyes
  • Candy of your choice

Melt the chocolate and spread over a baking sheet lined with parchment paper, and while it’s still tacky, top it with the candy, and the candy eyes!

Full recipe at:

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Cheese and pretzel broomsticks

If you still want to make fun halloween treats, but want something on the healthier side, these are perfect for you! It’s also a two-ingredient recipe!


  • String cheese
  • Pretzel sticks

Start by cutting the string cheese into thirds or fourths and spread the cheese apart so they look more like the bottoms of brooms. Be careful to not spread the cheese too much, because when you put the pretzel stick in the cheese could split. 

Full recipe at:

If you decide to make any of these make sure to tweet us pictures @hpshplaidline!

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