New to Netflix: February 2019

By: Daniela Fernandez and Maddie Baggenstoss

Every month Netflix comes out with new shows and movies, and it can get hard to keep track of what’s new. This month, Netflix is releasing many new shows and movies. Here are a few of the shows and movies to be added.

High Flying Bird is a movie about a sports agent who pitches a business opportunity to a young basketball player during a lockout. You may recognize Caleb McLaughlin in this movie, who stars in Netflix’s Stranger Things. This movie comes out on February 8th.

Dear Ex is a movie about a woman’s ex-husband who dies. When he dies it is revealed that he cut their son out of his will, and put someone named Jay in instead. This movie comes out on February 1st.

Hairspray is a movie about a teen in 1960’s Baltimore who wants to be in the city’s dance TV show. She then becomes an overnight sensation. This movie comes out on February 1st.

Netflix is also adding the classic thrillers Jaws, Jaws 2, Jaws 3, and Jaws: The Revenge. If you don’t already know what Jaws is about, it is about a killer shark who attacks the tourists on Amity island and the police chief’s quest to capture the great beast. These movies come out on February 1st.

Pretty in Pink is about a teenager who doesn’t know where she belongs in high school. She then falls for a guy in a different social group, and she realizes it’s hard to be relationship when you run in different social circles. This movie comes out on February 1st.

The Edge of Seventeen is about a high school junior named Nadine that struggles with the up and downs of being a teenager. Not to mention that her best friend is now dating her brother. With the help of a new friend she’s able to navigate life as a teenager. This movie comes out on February 1st.

Beverly Hills Chihuahua is about a Chihuahua who gets lost in Mexico. Chloe the Chihuahua travels all over Mexico with the help of another dog Delgado to get back to her owner with adventures on the way. This movie comes out on February 3rd.

One Day at a Time is about a Cuban-American family as the show follows their ups and downs of life. The show follows a single mom with two children and her mom. Season three comes out on February 8th.

Workin’ Moms is a TV show about four working moms in their thirties who must navigate life in Toronto. They overcome many problems throughout the show. Workin’ Moms comes to Netflix on February 22nd.

The Umbrella Academy is about 43 kids born with supernatural abilities. Based off of the comic book series, this movie follows six of the superheroes as they use their abilities to solve the mystery of a billionaire’s death. This movie comes out on February 15th.

The Breaker Uppers is about two women who are very cynical. They decide to create an agency that helps couples break-up. This movie comes out on February 15th.

Chef’s Table is a documentary series about unique restaurants all over the world. Volume 6 comes out on February 22nd.

2018 G20 Summit

By: Daniela Fernandez

This year, the G20 Summit was held on November 30 – December 1 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The G20 summit has been going on since 1999. The summit is where the world’s countries, that lead in the economy, meet every year. Heads of state, or governments, attend the summits to discuss ways to help the world’s economy stabilize. They also talk about financial markets, trade, and development. There are 19 countries, and the EU, that participate in the G20 summit according to G20 Argentina 2018. These countries are Argentina, United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Brazil, South Korea, Turkey, South Africa, Germany, China, India, Indonesia, France, Japan, Mexico, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Italy, and Australia.

This year, they discussed technology, and how they could guarantee that everyone has access to technology. Also, how technology helps to resolve problems in the world, and to make sure that technology won’t create a backlash in the world.

They also talked about finances, and ways that they can guarantee that money is shared with everyone. This included ways to ensure that the IMF and the WB have enough resources to help countries, and prevent economic loss.

They also discussed agriculture, and the loss of sustainable land because of global warming, and unfair access to land.

Another topic they discussed was international trade, access to markets, globalization, and fair trade.

The final topic they discussed was anti corruption, and helping developing countries fight governmental and industrial corruption, according to G20 Argentina 2018.

This year, at the G20 summit, the US, Canada, and Mexico signed the updated NAFTA agreement. This agreement is about including more products in the free trade market, and guaranteeing that the US won’t force tariffs. This agreement has Canada open its milk market to the United States.

The new agreement says that starting in 2020, to have no tariffs, cars and trucks have to be made with 75% of its parts from the United States, Mexico, and Canada. It is currently at 62.5% parts made from the US, Mexico, and Canada. The new agreement won’t take action until 2020 according to the Washington Post.

2018 Midterm Election Results

By: Daniela Fernandez

This year, on November 6th, Midterm elections were held. This year,s election was very crucial to both the Republican and Democratic parties as their fate in who would hold the Senate and House of Representatives in D.C. was at stake.

Now with this year’s election over, the democrats have the majority in the House of Representatives. In this election, the democrats gained 27 seats according to Time Magazine, which gave them the majority of 14 seats

The Senate has 100 seats. This year 35 of the 100 seats were up for election. In the Senate, the Republicans kept control of it. They gained 4 seats, but lost 2 which the democrats took according to CNN. Republicans flipped North Dakota, with Cramer winning, Indiana who had Braun win, and Missouri who saw Hawley win. Also, Florida, after recounts, had Scott win. Democrats flipped Nevada with Rosen winning, and Arizona, who had Sinema winning.

Democrats now hold 47 seats in the Senate, and republicans hold 52 seats. Republicans have had control of the Senate since 2015, when they held 54 seats, and democrats held 44 seats according to the United States Senate website.

In the House of Representatives, democrats hold 232 seats out of 435, and republicans hold 200 seats. This year, all 435 of the House of Representatives seats were up for election. Democrats now have a majority of 14 seats because in order to have majority they need 218 seats. They needed to flip 24 seats in order to gain majority. Democrats previously had 195 seats, and republicans had 236, and there were 4 seats that were empty according to the U.S. House of Representatives Press Gallery.

Republicans lost 36 districts, and democrats flipped 37 districts. With this, now they hold the majority, which they haven’t held since before President Obama’s second year in office which they lost to the republicans. They held 257, and republicans held 178 according to the United States House of Representatives Archives.

Exciting new Netflix shows and movies!!!!

By: Daniela Fernandez, and Maddie Baggenstoss

Every month, Netflix releases tons of new shows and movies. That includes both Netflix originals and lots of other shows for your on-demand viewing pleasure. This month, Netflix has an awesome new lineup of shows and movies.

The Outlaw King is coming out on November 9th. This TV show is about Robert the Bruce, who was the King of Scotland. House of Cards season 6 came out on November 2nd. Brainchild also came out on November 2nd, and is a science show directed to kids. Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj started on November 4, and has new episodes every week. This show is a comedy about current events. Westside is a reality TV show about aspiring musicians, and it comes out on November 9th. She-Ra, Princess of Power comes out on November 16th, and is a reboot of the original from the 1980’s.

All you holiday lovers get ready for some holiday movies! One of the movies is The Christmas Chronicles on November 22nd. The movie tells the story of 2 kids trying to capture Santa, but who end up having to accompany him and his elves as they try to save Christmas. Another holiday movie is The Holiday Calendar, which was released on November 2nd. It is about a magical calendar that grants wishes. The next holiday movie is The Princess Switch, and it comes out on November 16th. This movie is about two identical girls trading places. Another holiday movie is A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding which will come out on November 30th, and is the sequel to A Christmas Prince. The final Christmas movie of this month is the Netflix original Angela’s Christmas which was released on the 1st. And for those of you who are not quite ready to say goodbye to the spooky season, Bram Stoker’s Dracula is bringing a twist on the original story to Netflix. It was also released on November 1st.

The classic Sixteen Candles is also making its debut on Netflix and came out on November 1st. It follows a day in the life of Samantha, whose parents forgot her 16th birthday. The second season of Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Gauntlet is coming out on November 22nd. A good pick for Marvel fans this month is Doctor Strange, released on November 1st. On November 4th, Netflix is adding Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End, the third installment in the series. If you’re into documentaries, Jiro Dreams Of Sushi tells the story of a sushi restaurant that aims for perfection. It comes out on November 22nd.

Hispanic Heritage month

By: Daniela Fernandez

Every year, there is Hispanic Heritage month throughout the months of September and October. It takes place September 15 – October 15. This year’s theme was “Hispanics: One Endless Voice to Enhance our Traditions” according to Hispanic Heritage Month. This year’s theme was about reflecting on traditions, culture, and the history of Hispanic Americans. The theme was announced by The National Council of Hispanic Employment Program Managers.

This year’s Hispanic Heritage month had many events going on. The events listed below are according to the National Hispanic Heritage Month website. One of these events was Realm of the Jaguar, that took place at the Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian on September 22. This event was about honoring the jaguar found in artistic traditions from Mexico to the Amazon. There were many dances from places like Bolivia, Guatemala, and Mexico. At this event people could see how masks are made, and how traditional ceramics were made too.

Another event this year, was on September 23, at the National Zoo, called the ZooFiesta. At this event they had live music and activities that were educational, and that focused on conservation in South and Central America. During this event there were presentations and demonstrations, and feedings from animal keepers about sloths, tamarians, golden lions, golden frogs, and Panamanian and Andean bears.

A third event was on September 27, and it was a conversation with Congressman Pete Aguilar. He is a representative of the 31st Congressional District of California, and he is on the House Appropriations Committee. This conversation was about issues that Latinos are faced with today. This also included talks about his experience as a Latino person in congress. This event took place at the Library of Congress.

Another event that took place this year was on September 28, and it was the 2018 Americas Award Ceremony at the Library of Congress. This was an awards ceremony for two authors who wrote books portraying Latinos in the United States. These writers were Duncan Tonatiuh, for writing and illustrating Danza!, El Ballet Folklorico de Mexico, and Amalia Hernández, and author Ibi Zoboi for writing American Street. They received the 2018 America Award for their writings.

The fifth event was on September 29, called Nuestra Ciudad (Our City). This was an event where people could meet local artists, dancers, and musicians. This was an event where people from Washington D.C. could learn about their local hispanic culture. This event took place at the National Portrait Gallery.

Scot’s Band performance at the Homecoming game

By: Daniela Fernandez

This year at the Homecoming game against MSB the Scot’s Band played. The Scot’s Band played in the stands with everyone from Highland cheering for our team, while playing  through the cold weather. They were directed by Joel Matuzak the band director here at Highland.

While the Scot’s Band only played throughout the first half of the game, they still played a wide variety of songs. Before going into the stands they played for the people who were tailgating before the game started. They played “September” by Earth, Wind, and Fire on the stairs. Then they left for the stands.

During the game Saturday afternoon the Scot’s Band suffered through the cold as they played for the people who attended the Homecoming game. They played “7 Nation Army” by The White Stripes, “Highland Rouser” by W. Rayford Johnson and Joel Matuzak, and “Paint it Black” by The Rolling Stones. They also played many songs from Stadium Jams Vol. 2, and from this they played “Back in Black” by AC/DC. Then they played songs from Stadium Jams Vol. 3, and from this they played “Carry on Wayward Son” by Kansas, and “Final Countdown” by Europe. Then the Scot’s Band played “Tequila” by Chuck Rio. Next they played “Uma Thurman” by Fall Out Boy and they played some popular songs including “Handclap” by Fitz and the Tantrums, “My House” by Flo Rida, and lastly “Feel it Still” by Portugal. The Man.

After the Scot’s Band finished playing it was time for the Halftime show. This year, for the halftime show, the Highland Park Senior High marching band played. They played “Feel it Still” by Portugal. The Man. While they were playing this song they were moving around the field to create different shapes and letters. At the end of their performance they finished in the formation of HPSH. This performance wrapped up all the bands’ performances at the game while people stayed, and they watched the rest of the game.