2018 Midterm Election Results

By: Daniela Fernandez

Image taken from: https://www.apple.com/newsroom/2018/06/apple-news-launches-2018-midterm-elections-section/

This year, on November 6th, Midterm elections were held. This year,s election was very crucial to both the Republican and Democratic parties as their fate in who would hold the Senate and House of Representatives in D.C. was at stake.

Now with this year’s election over, the democrats have the majority in the House of Representatives. In this election, the democrats gained 27 seats according to Time Magazine, which gave them the majority of 14 seats

The Senate has 100 seats. This year 35 of the 100 seats were up for election. In the Senate, the Republicans kept control of it. They gained 4 seats, but lost 2 which the democrats took according to CNN. Republicans flipped North Dakota, with Cramer winning, Indiana who had Braun win, and Missouri who saw Hawley win. Also, Florida, after recounts, had Scott win. Democrats flipped Nevada with Rosen winning, and Arizona, who had Sinema winning.

Democrats now hold 47 seats in the Senate, and republicans hold 52 seats. Republicans have had control of the Senate since 2015, when they held 54 seats, and democrats held 44 seats according to the United States Senate website.

In the House of Representatives, democrats hold 232 seats out of 435, and republicans hold 200 seats. This year, all 435 of the House of Representatives seats were up for election. Democrats now have a majority of 14 seats because in order to have majority they need 218 seats. They needed to flip 24 seats in order to gain majority. Democrats previously had 195 seats, and republicans had 236, and there were 4 seats that were empty according to the U.S. House of Representatives Press Gallery.

Republicans lost 36 districts, and democrats flipped 37 districts. With this, now they hold the majority, which they haven’t held since before President Obama’s second year in office which they lost to the republicans. They held 257, and republicans held 178 according to the United States House of Representatives Archives.

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