Freshmen year

My freshman year was really fun and enjoyable. It wasn’t as scary as I thought it would be before I came to high school. Since I was new to Highland, there weren’t many people that I knew except for some freshman that came from my middle school, but I made friends throughout my freshman year.

High school isn’t really hard, unless you don’t do your work, study, etc. so, that’s some advice for the new upcoming freshmen. High school is fun, if you don’t make it boring and not fun. In my opinion, all of my classes were fun, both academic and non-academic. I was able to be in Beginning Drawing, Beginning Painting, and Newspaper, all of those elective classes were really fun, but I liked Beginning Drawing and Newspaper more. I was able to step out of my comfort zone and try something new, which was Newspaper and that was nice. I recommend students to join Newspaper, and try it because they might find it fun too.

Also, the club that I joined at Highland was ACC, which is known also as, Asian Culture Club. ACC was fun; I was able to participate in performances and the activities that they had planned.

I was also able to play on the Badminton team this year. Badminton was really fun, and the season went really well, there were many good players, everyone got along with each other, and we all worked really well with each other.

The best part of my freshman year was being able to try out the different elective classes that I had, and being part of ACC, and the Badminton team. Another best part of my freshman year was, being myself and being able to have fun in all the activities that I participated in.  

Overall, my freshman year was really fun. I have many fun and enjoyable moments in my freshman year. I hope to have an even better year, within the next year, and throughout my high school career.

Hair trends

Many people like to style their hair in many different ways, which is also very unique. You might be interested in trying some of the styles yourself!

But, just doing your hair, in general, is also really good, because you should fix your hair before going anywhere so people won’t stare at you like something is odd about you.

Now, there are many hairstyles that are popular. They come from celebrities, what society thinks is trending, and what people do to their hair.

There are many hair trends; let me tell you about 7 of them:

  1. Super Sleek: The straight, shiny, and center-parted hair is one of the biggest trends for 2017. But you should have your hair look healthy, not fried. Also, have a mist of heat protectant through your hair before touching it with a straightener.
  2. High Pony: Slick your hair up, which should look all the way up. It should look nice in a rumpled texture or stick-straight. The high ponytail adds both an elegance and ease to every ensemble. Also, a bonus tip – the tighter you secure it, the more lifted your face looks.
  3. Flat Waves: It should be in between beachy or bouncy; the flat iron waves are the new curling iron waves. You could also create a bend in your hair just by pushing your hair upward, then make the shape with a few clamps of your iron. Release and repeat. Also, just keep your ends straight for the finish.
  4. Growing-Out Slag: The slag haircut was a hit in 2016. The hair just passes the shoulders and the bangs are long enough to be split down in the middle
  5. The Hair Flip: For the hair flip,  you just have to flip your hair from one side to the other, creating tons of volume as a result.
  6. Slick and Shiny: The slick, shiny hair only looks like it’s sopping wet. This is also a 2017 hair trend that looks just as good like on the runway and IRL. Mostly work with a heavy dose of the styling cream, from your roots to the mid-way length, which will hold a little bit of shine in your hair.
  7. Lastly, The Golden Bronde: This color is the perfect warm-toned hair color that will be well suited on all skin tones.

There are many hairstyles that are trending, and these are just a few examples that you may be interested in. Or, you can always just do your hair however you like.

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DIY Easter

Easter may have just happened, but that’s no reason why you can’t still be crafty. There are many treats, decorations, and baskets, you can make at home for your family, and friends.

Here is one easy treat you can do for Easter: “Easter Krackle Bars.”  The materials you’ll be needing are:

  • 2 cups dark chocolate pieces
  • 1 1/2 cups white chocolate chips
  • 1 cup rice krispies
  • 3 tbls shortening, divided
  • pinch salt
  • food dye
  • pastel or Easter sprinkles
  • Silicone Easter bark mold

Here are the 8 steps to make this:

  1. Lay out the silicone Easter bark mold, and add a good amount of sprinkles. There would also be some sprinkles mixed in.
  2. Then, in a microwave safe container, add the white chocolate chips and 1 tbsp shortening.
  3. Put the heat on high for 30 seconds, and stir. Then, return to the microwave in 15 second, stirring until chocolate is melted and smooth.
  4. Reserve around 1/2 cup of the melted white chocolate, and spoon the rest into the mold and smooth into all the crevices.
  5. Then, add a few drops of dye, and drop the colored chocolate into the mold and carefully swirl it around with a fork or knife. Then, place the mold into the freezer for 10 minutes to let that layer harden.
  6. While the mold is in the freezer, melt the dark chocolate, with 2 tbls shortening, and salt into the microwave just like the white chocolate. Once the chocolate is melted smooth stir it into the rice krispies.
  7. Now, remove the mold from freezer, and quickly add the rice krispies layer on top and spread it evenly over the layer of the white chocolate.
  8. Now, put it back into the freezer for about 30 minutes to let all the chocolate cool. Once it’s chilled, twist the mold slightly to loosen the bar and turn over gently onto a cutting board. Use a knife to cut the bars. Then, store the bars back into the fridge to keep them from melting.
  9. Now, it’s all set!

One decoration you can do is, “Paper Straw Easter Bunnies.” It’s really simple and easy to do. The materials you’ll need are:

  • Double sided tape 
  • Painter’s tape
  • Paper Straws
  • Bunny template
  • 2 Scissors (smaller one and bigger one)
  • Frame (that you’ll like)
  • CeCe Caldwell’s Chalk Paint (optional)
  • Hot Glue
  • Stenciled letters (optional)

Here are the 13 steps to make this:

  1. Print out a template of a bunny, and cut it out.
  2. Then, cover it with double-stick tape, and start sticking on the straws. The straws should go over the edges. Begin placing the straws in the middle section, covering the part in between the ears.
  3. It’ll be easier to stick, and just a few sections of straws at a time, which will be easier to cut. Now, use the big scissors to cut the straw along the curve at the top of the head and along the ears, as well as along the bottom curve.
  4. Then, keep adding straws along the sides, covering up most of the bunny. If there’s a little bit of the template of the bunny sticking out, use the scraps that you just trimmed off.
  5. If the straws starts to come off, along with the double sided tape, then just tape it back up with the painter’s tape.
  6. Once you have most of the bunny done, peel off the cardstock template, which you could also use again. Then, use the smaller scissors to clean up your cuts, mostly around the neck and ears.
  7. Then, continue making more with different colors.
  8. This is optional, if you want more “cheeks” or “hips” to the sides of the bunny, you can go ahead and do so.
  9. Now, get the frame that you chose to use, but make sure it fits all your bunnies. You can choose to use the CeCe Caldwell’s Chalk Paint and paint the frames, but it’s optional.
  10. Line up your bunnies and make them straight. Then, cover up the bunny with hot glue, covering all over the side but not with the painters tape. This layer will dry, and keep the straws together.
  11. Add another layer of the hot glue on the top of the first layer, and quickly flip it over and position it in place, and press down.
  12. Then, check if it sticks in a little bit, and add more glue if there are certain spots that’s still loose. Then, remove the tapes which should reveal your finished bunny. Repeat it to your other bunnies.
  13. For the sign, you can use the Stenciled letters, or do creative writing of your own, and say anything that you’d like onto a fabric. Then, put the fabric over a cardboard and hot glue the sign beneath the bunnies and you’re all set!

There are so many things you can do for Easter, and just have fun!

Additional information can be found at the following cites: (More ideas for treats if interested)

Highland Park’s Spring Showcase 2017

Last Thursday, on March 16th, Highland Park had its annual Spring Showcase. There were many performances including: dance, band, choir, etc. There were also many displays shown within the Spring Showcase. Many families and friends came and looked around, at the displays, before the showcase began.

There were also some school clubs selling things to eat and drink. A.C.C. sold egg rolls, with sauce, in three flavors – chicken, pork, and veggie, and there was also a table selling sodas, cookies, and candies.

The displays that were shown were also created by Highland Park clubs, along with some from the Floral Design class.

A.C.C. had a display with paintings and Chinese lanterns. Anime Club had anime character pins for sale, and many other cut out pictures for their displays. The Black Student Union had a display with “Soup Bowls” and a poster talking about “Super Soups.” The Union Latina had a display explaining their culture, etc, and displayed a hat. Ms. Wedger also had flowers on display from her class, “Floral Design.”

The performances were also really good! The orchestra played very well, and the dances performed were also very good. There were many different dances performed within the showcase including: IB dances, the A.C.C.’s  Hmong Dance and Thai Dance, Union Latina’s dance, and more.

I was lucky enough to be a part of the Hmong Dance this year. It was really fun and enjoyable, and I feel like we did a really good job and had a lot of fun.

The Thai Dance, was also very good, and they did a good job. The clothes were actually sewn by a senior’s (Pajaie) mom, and were really pretty. Pajaie’s mom, and a few other Hmong girl’s moms, came and helped the Thai dancers dress up. This ended up being really helpful because some of the dancers were in other performances.

Everything went by quick though, and there were many families and friends that came and watched. It was a good show, with good food and drinks, and many displays to see.

The Showcase was a huge success! Everyone that came to watch seemed to enjoy it.

Also, to all the performers that performed: You did such a good job!

They also seemed to have had a really fun time.

DIY room decoration

If you’re out of ideas on what to decorate your room with, or even if you’re bored and you just want to create some crafty things for your room, here is an idea you can try. It’s really pretty simple, fun to make, and it looks really cool too.

The craft project is a “Stain Glass Votive Holder.” This is a really easy and simple decoration you can do. The materials you’ll need are:

  • tissue paper in any color you want
  • Mod Podge (matte finish) – in a pinch you can also use school glue
  • a paintbrush
  • scissors
  • a glass votive holder to fit your candle(s) – it could be wine tumblers or thrifted vases
  • paper punches in many different shapes
  • q-tips, which are optional.

Here are the 7 steps to do it:

  1. Choose which colors you want, and then choose a paper punch that you would like, and punch out little, small shapes of them, and set them aside.
  2. Then, take a bit of Mod Podge with your paintbrush and water,  and mix them. It should just be a thin layer. 
  3. Now, start attaching the punched-out paper shapes to the glass votive using your paintbrush. You could also put the Mod Podge onto the glass first, and then stick the paper shapes on.
  4. Then, brush over the shapes afterward to fully fill them with the Mod Podge. Wet tissue paper can rip easily, so don’t get too rough with it.
  5. Brush gently and take your time. Then, keep attaching more and more shapes onto the glass votive. You could overlap them if you want to.
  6. Once your glass votive is fully covered, set it aside to dry. When it’s dry, you’ll see the Mod Podge that isn’t covered with tissue paper. If this bothers you, you could get a q-tip and wipe it off.
  7. When everything is dry, just have a candle to put into the glass votive and you’re all set!



The original project can be found at:

Makeup trends

New makeup trends are coming up and I’m sure some of you would want to try these looks as well. Some may be just really simple and easy, or they could be exaggerated or dramatic. No matter what, I’m sure some of the trends could be your style of makeup too. 

Blushes are really trending, and the technique of it, is to rely on colors to enhance facial features. Blush has been around since the 80’s and 90’s, and now they’re coming back as a trend in 2017. Makeup artists create the cheekbone-to a centric beauty look.

Other than blush, contouring has been around since the late 50’s, where it was used mostly on actresses. Now it has, expanded even more, and many girls continue to contour their faces; which would be below the cheekbone, near their hairline, the side of their nose, and kind of above the jawline.

Also, highlighting is a trend that goes along with contouring. It gives you a good point to look at where you highlight your nose, around the middle of your forehead, under your eyebrows, above your mouth, and above your cheekbones.

Another makeup look that’s trending, and you could try and do, is called a “Golden Gaze.” It’s good for taking selfies and for the daytime if you don’t want to wear a lot of makeup.

The steps for the Golden Gaze are:

  • Apply the Amber Blake, or a copper/dark gold eyeshadow, if you don’t have a Amber Blake eyeshadow, on your eyelids, inner corners and along the lower lash lines.
  • Then sweep the Espresso, or dark gray if you don’t have Espresso, eyeshadow onto the creases of your eyes, in the outer “V” of the eyelids, and the outer ¾ of the lower lash lines.
  • Then blend, by using a clean brush to do windshield-wiper motions, to soften any hard edges.
  • Now, use a black gel/cream eyeliner (any kind that you have) and get an angle brush to create the wing liner that you usually do.
  • Lastly, finish it off with with any black mascara you have, but if you want to curl your lashes before putting on the mascara, then you could also do that too.

Now you’re all set!

There are so many makeup trends that are still trending, and there are still more to come. You can just check them out, and you’ll get an idea of the look, and maybe even try it!

For additional information, please visit:

DIY Valentine’s Day decorations

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and everyone may want to decorate their homes with things or not. There are many things to decorate your homes with and it could be done with just the things that you have around in your home. Yarn, construction paper, envelops, etc. are all things that you can basically craft with.

Valentine’s Day has many different things related to it: hearts, cupids, etc. You can easily craft things from hand, and you can get little kids, or your younger siblings, to come and do it with you too. All the things that you’ll need to make these decorations are: colored paper/construction paper, scissors, a pencil, tape or double stick tape, and a ruler for measurements.

The first decoration you can make is the “Paper Heart Garland.” I’ve made this decoration before, and it’s really simple to make.

First, you’ll need to cut some colored paper into 3/4″ strips and fold them in half, but if you want to make some hearts twice as big, then cut two strips of paper and put them together at the bottom of each heart with double stick tape.

Once you’ve done this, get a pencil and curl the loose ends and get a piece of double stick tape and tape the curled part together.

Lastly, you can string the heart garland together from the bottom up with any string you choose. Push your threaded needle up through the bottom fold of each heart, and then use the double stick tape to sandwich the thread between the two halves of the curled tops.

Now, you’re all done! You can place your garland anywhere you like around your house. This decoration is easy to craft and use to decorate around your house. 

Another decoration you can also do is the “Paper Flower.” This is also really simple and easy to make.

First, you’ll have to cut a 4×4″ square sheet of paper and draw a spiral, an actual spiral so you can cut it out, to get a spiral afterwards.

Then, cut out the drawn spiral and begin rolling the spiral from the outside end, and then you can keep rolling until there aren’t anymore rolls to roll, and then you’re done!

You can stick these onto branches, if you have a vase of branches hanging around your home, or they could be scattered on the table too. Another idea you can do with these are, you can also make a bouquet with them.

There are many kinds of decorations you can make, to decorate you home with, and these are just a few examples.

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