DIY Valentine’s Day decorations

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and everyone may want to decorate their homes with things or not. There are many things to decorate your homes with and it could be done with just the things that you have around in your home. Yarn, construction paper, envelops, etc. are all things that you can basically craft with.

Valentine’s Day has many different things related to it: hearts, cupids, etc. You can easily craft things from hand, and you can get little kids, or your younger siblings, to come and do it with you too. All the things that you’ll need to make these decorations are: colored paper/construction paper, scissors, a pencil, tape or double stick tape, and a ruler for measurements.

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The first decoration you can make is the “Paper Heart Garland.” I’ve made this decoration before, and it’s really simple to make.

First, you’ll need to cut some colored paper into 3/4″ strips and fold them in half, but if you want to make some hearts twice as big, then cut two strips of paper and put them together at the bottom of each heart with double stick tape.

Once you’ve done this, get a pencil and curl the loose ends and get a piece of double stick tape and tape the curled part together.

Lastly, you can string the heart garland together from the bottom up with any string you choose. Push your threaded needle up through the bottom fold of each heart, and then use the double stick tape to sandwich the thread between the two halves of the curled tops.

Now, you’re all done! You can place your garland anywhere you like around your house. This decoration is easy to craft and use to decorate around your house. 

Another decoration you can also do is the “Paper Flower.” This is also really simple and easy to make.

First, you’ll have to cut a 4×4″ square sheet of paper and draw a spiral, an actual spiral so you can cut it out, to get a spiral afterwards.

Then, cut out the drawn spiral and begin rolling the spiral from the outside end, and then you can keep rolling until there aren’t anymore rolls to roll, and then you’re done!

You can stick these onto branches, if you have a vase of branches hanging around your home, or they could be scattered on the table too. Another idea you can do with these are, you can also make a bouquet with them.

There are many kinds of decorations you can make, to decorate you home with, and these are just a few examples.

Links to both the decorations and the original page:


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