College basketball update

This year college basketball has been very interesting and exciting with lots of huge upsets from the best teams around the nation.

On November 25, Virginia Tech came off with a big win against Michigan St., who was ranked #3 at the time, beating them 71 to 66. This caused Michigan St.’s ranking to fall to #11.  

The rest of the top five, as of December 5th, are: #1: Louisville, #2: Kansas, #3: Maryland, #4: Michigan, #5: Virginia.

Ohio St and Arizona are making big pushes to try to get in the top 5 with both teams going undefeated on the season right now.

Oregon basketball had a big game when they faced Seton Hall, who was ranked #13 at the time. Oregon edged them by just 2 points. With no arguments, Oregon’s, Myles Powell, is probably an NBA top future draft pick. He is averaging 22.6 points per game this year as a senior.  

Also, another great game saw an improving Florida St. team go up against Tennessee, who was ranked #17 at the time, and who looked like a powerhouse in the SEC Conference. Florida St. won by 3 points in a very closely contested game.

Michigan beat North Carolina and Gonzaga, by big margins, to stay undefeated this season 7-0, but they lost a big game against Louisville.

While Memphis basketball been struggling to get wins easily, this might not be for long, after James Wisman, a projected 1st round pick, should be coming back to play after he had to sit for 12 games and pay a hefty fine after receiving money in high school.

Unranked DePaul hasn’t been getting put on notice after an 9-0 start to the season with a big win over a highly favored Iowa basketball program.

In women’s basketball, Louisville also came up with a big win over number Michigan in a good early March Madness matchup.

Stanford is the new #1 team in the country, for women’s basketball, with pulling off some big victivites over the weekend.

Next week, college basketball for the women’s and men’s teams should be very exciting and nail biting with conference play getting closer. Teams should be ready to play their rivals.

Should student athletes be getting paid?

This has been a long and very discussed topic throughout the whole country: should college players get a form of payments for doing what they do.

Since 2016 to 2019 the NCAA (national collegiate athletic association) has made over 1 billion dollars over that time period according to Business Insider, and this does not even include sports betting revenue.

Just about 2 weeks ago, California passed a bill on California University athletes getting a form of pay, but only in California. This is kind of unfair to other universities because the better athletes are going to go where they are going to get paid for what they do which is now in California.

I feel like college athletes should get paid for what they do because they risk getting injured, which could keep them from making pro leagues, and they are generating a lot of money, from TV networks around the world.

Over the last couple years, college arenas and stadiums attendance and TV networks views have gone up increasingly due to big college stars such as Zion Williamson, Jalen Hurts and many other talented college athletes around the country playing for different colleges. College athletes deserve to get paid for entertaining people throughout the weekends and making TV interesting.

Eventually, I think that all college athletes will be getting paid for what they do, or we can see a potential boycott happening in the future which would impact all the NCAA fans.

UPDATE: After California passed their law, the NCAA decided to let athletes profit from their likeness being used. This would probably mean athletes could start to collect money from the sales of their jerseys and things like that.

College football week 7 recap

It’s was a very busy and exciting weekend for all you college football fans last week. As week 7 came and went, important key matchups did determine the fates of your college football teams.

Alabama vs. Texas A&M ended with Alabama winning 47-28.

In the Oklahoma vs. Texas game, Oklahoma defeated Texas 34-27.

And in the game of the week, the LSU Tigers beat the Florida Gators 42-28.

Last week the top 5 teams remained in the top 5, but Alabama’s ranking going up from 1 to 2, and Boise St’s football ranking keeps improving each week from being not ranked to now number 14 out of 25 just in 3 weeks.

While Alabama, Clemson, Ohio State, and LSU are looking like favorites to clinch  the 4 playoff spots of the College Football Playoff, competition is really close to count out your team now.

We might see another dominant game from Jalen Hurts this week, as his resume continues to go up each week for the Heisman Award, and he remains the frontrunner to win the award.

This week should be very interesting and nail biting as some of the best teams in the country are ready to faceoff for the number 1 spot.  


An early preview of the 2019 NBA season

The NBA season is less than a month away for us to watch. It might seem like a long time, but it’s very near us.

This past offseason, you probably saw some of your favorite players switch to different teams, including 2 of the biggest NBA stars leaving their teams to go to Los Angeles Clippers: Paul George and Kawhi Leoarnad.

The first two games played in the 2019 season will feature last year’s NBA champs, the Raptors, vs the Pelicans, and Lakers vs Clippers to end the opening NBA night for the fans.

The teams that seem to be favorites to win the NBA title are the Clippers, Lakers, Celtics, Rockets, and yes, still the Warriors. All have chances of winning this year’s NBA title.

For a lot of basketball fans, this year should be more exciting and competitive after trades and front office moves made teams more even.

This season also will be very hyped for new rookies taking the spotlight including #1 draft pick Zion Williamson, which experts placed in the top 70 players in the NBA already, and he hasn’t even played in an NBA game yet.

Well, it’s going to be an exciting season this year, and I look forward to seeing it and I hope you guys are too.