College football week 7 recap

It’s was a very busy and exciting weekend for all you college football fans last week. As week 7 came and went, important key matchups did determine the fates of your college football teams.

Alabama vs. Texas A&M ended with Alabama winning 47-28.

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In the Oklahoma vs. Texas game, Oklahoma defeated Texas 34-27.

And in the game of the week, the LSU Tigers beat the Florida Gators 42-28.

Last week the top 5 teams remained in the top 5, but Alabama’s ranking going up from 1 to 2, and Boise St’s football ranking keeps improving each week from being not ranked to now number 14 out of 25 just in 3 weeks.

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While Alabama, Clemson, Ohio State, and LSU are looking like favorites to clinch  the 4 playoff spots of the College Football Playoff, competition is really close to count out your team now.

We might see another dominant game from Jalen Hurts this week, as his resume continues to go up each week for the Heisman Award, and he remains the frontrunner to win the award.

This week should be very interesting and nail biting as some of the best teams in the country are ready to faceoff for the number 1 spot.  


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