An early preview of the 2019 NBA season

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The NBA season is less than a month away for us to watch. It might seem like a long time, but it’s very near us.

This past offseason, you probably saw some of your favorite players switch to different teams, including 2 of the biggest NBA stars leaving their teams to go to Los Angeles Clippers: Paul George and Kawhi Leoarnad.

The first two games played in the 2019 season will feature last year’s NBA champs, the Raptors, vs the Pelicans, and Lakers vs Clippers to end the opening NBA night for the fans.

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The teams that seem to be favorites to win the NBA title are the Clippers, Lakers, Celtics, Rockets, and yes, still the Warriors. All have chances of winning this year’s NBA title.

For a lot of basketball fans, this year should be more exciting and competitive after trades and front office moves made teams more even.

This season also will be very hyped for new rookies taking the spotlight including #1 draft pick Zion Williamson, which experts placed in the top 70 players in the NBA already, and he hasn’t even played in an NBA game yet.

Well, it’s going to be an exciting season this year, and I look forward to seeing it and I hope you guys are too. 


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