Crumbl Cookie review

By: Audrey Smith

This week I tried the Crumbl Cookie flavors. I tried 4 different flavors in total. The theme this week was Saint Patrick’s Day, with a gold coin cookie, a green mint cookie, and Lucky Charms cookie.

The first flavor I tried was Lucky Charms flavored. It had a marshmallow cream cheese frosting and it had Lucky Charms on too. Inside the vanilla cookie, there was white chocolate chips and more marshmallows. This cookie was served hot. I would have to say this was one of the best Crumbl Cookies I’ve had. I would rate this a 10/10.

The next flavor I tried was the mint chocolate cookie. It was a chocolate cookie with green mint frosting and a chocolate ganache on top. This cookie was served cold. I thought this tasted sort of like a thin mint but leveled up. Although the flavor was good, I don’t really like mint so I would have to rate this cookie a 5/10.

The cookies and cream cookie was next. It was a vanilla cookie mixed with an Oreo cookie in marble. It had Oreos on top and was drizzled in white icing. This cookie was served hot. It was a good cookie, but I feel like I could have made it at home. I would rate this cookie a 7/10, it tasted good, it just wasn’t that impressive.

The last cookie we tried was the French Silk cookie. This cookie was a dense chocolate cookie, almost like a brownie, and it had a milk chocolate silk frosting with whipped cream. I really didn’t like the texture of the cookie, I thought it was too dense. Along with this, the flavor wasn’t that good at all. I would rate this cookie a 4/10.

Overall, this week was okay, and the Lucky Charms cookie was one of my favorites. I’d give this week a 7/10.

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