CONPLAN 8888, a military plan for a zombie outbreak

By: Hoaseng Thao

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What is CONPLAN 8888 and why does the military have a plan for zombies? Although it may seem like a joke created by some junior officer, the unbelievable and fictitious threats, such as zombies, are actually a great learning tool that helps get soldiers engaged while training.

Students at Joint Combined Warfighting School (also referred as JCWS) who attended the lessons about CONPLAN 8888 actually enjoyed the impossible scenario in which zombies were involved. Planners who attended the lesson noted that, “Because the plan was so ridiculous, our students not only enjoyed the lessons; they actually were able to explore the basic concepts of plan and order development (fact, assumptions, specified and implied tasks, references etc) very effectively.”

The US military’s plan for zombies is to protect humanity, including people who are from countries that are considered adversaries to the US, from zombie life forms. There are two types of operations that the US military will conduct to handle such a harmful threat to humanity, these include Defensive operations aimed at monitoring zombies and indicating what type of zombie they are facing, and Offensive operations which are aimed at using military forces to eradicate zombie threats.

What types of zombies are the US military facing while conducting CONPLAN 8888? What you are going to read are the types of zombies the US military has identified and are using for CONPLAN 8888, this is not a joke.

● Pathogenic Zombies (PZ)

○ Your traditional zombie outbreak scenario involving a virus or some other form of contagion.

● Radiation Zombies (RZ)

○ Zombies who are infected by extreme exposure to radiation.

● Evil Magic Zombies (EMZ)

○ Zombies caused by occult experimentations which is referred to as “evil magic”

● Space Zombies (SZ)

○ Zombies that originate beyond the stars as an extra-terrestrial toxin.

Weaponized Zombies (WZ)

○ Zombies that are created via bioengineering for the use of being a weapon or chemical weapon.

● Symbiant-Induced Zombies (SIZ)

○ Zombies that are caused by a symbiant life form that uses a host to take over their body, the life form does not outright kill their host but keeps them alive, but they will not be able to be saved.

● Vegetarian Zombies (VZ)

○ Similar to the popular video game ‘Plant Vs. Zombies’, Vegetarian Zombies pose no real physical threat to humanity as they only feast on plants, but they do pose a threat to vegetation and deforestation. They are also noted to say “grains” instead of “brains”.

● Chicken Zombies (CZ)

○ Based on a real incident in which chickens came back alive. Chicken Zombies pose no actual threat to humanity.

Despite the impossibility of a zombie outbreak occurring, the US military has stated that this is just a “training exercise” that is used for planners and students to understand how to conduct joint operations with other units and countries. So, if there ever will be a zombie outbreak in the near future, the US military has plan to counter zombies.

If you are a conspiracy theorist, or the average Joe, who wants to learn more information on CONPLAN 8888, please visit the link below.

Thank You.

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