Talking about ‘Serial’ podcast episode: “The Alibi”

By: Leticia Bugg-Sam

*Warning: contains some spoilers*

It’s Baltimore 1999, Hae Min Lee, a popular high school senior student, was murdered. One day, she disappeared after school. Six weeks later, detectives arrested her classmate and ex-boyfriend, Adnan Syed, for her murder. Adnan says that he is innocent although he can’t remember that night.

Later into the podcast, he was high off of marijuana and also he was drunk. When Adnan got taken in for his story ,he told the detectives what happened and his story didn’t quite match up. It didn’t make any sense. Adnan was a careless person when his ex- girlfriend died; he would go out to parties, get high and get drunk.

A classmate at Woodlawn high school says that she knew where Adnan was when Hae disappeared that night. When Adnan got arrested Asia wrote him letters and one describes about him talking in the library on the night where Hae disappeared.

She also wrote another letter after Adnan was convicted.

Jay was another suspect because he knew where the car was and her dead body, but the detectives let him go because he hardly knew Hae and his phone was on him the whole time.

But then, on January 13, 1999, at 7:30 pm, Jay told Jenn that Adnan was gonna go, or had already killed Hae. The reason for that is because at 10:45 am Jay got a call from Adnan and at 11:00-11:30 he arrived at Jay’s house saying that he was going to kill Hae.

The next day, Adnan went to Best Buy and bought cleaning supplies. All the evidence that the detectives had, they still didn’t have a correct clue on who the murderer was. Adnan was the main one but the detectives were not sure if he was the murderer but even though his family had a lawyer that already knew his family very well and that they paid.

The detectives also knew that too. Adnan’s parents didn’t believe that he killed Hae too. He was put in prison, but later, when the detectives gave up on finding more evidence, they had no other choice but to let go of Adnan.

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