‘Better Than the Movies’ review

By: Kaylen Fuentez

‘Better Than the Movies’ is a book written by Lynn Painter that was published in 2021. This book is about a teenage girl Liz and her neighbor and childhood friend, Wes. They don’t get along very well but when their old childhood friend, Michael, moves back into town, Liz asks Wes to set them up. 

I think this book had a good concept but it was definitely predictable and wasn’t something that was unheard of. But I do think the characters were written really well and with a lot of substance.

 I think it was easy to get attached to the characters since they all had such engaging personalities. I think my favorite character is Wes, throughout the book he was very thoughtful of Liz and you can tell he truly cares about her. He helped her to start talking to Michael even when he knew he’d had feelings for her. He continued to be there for her when she was upset over her relationship with Michael, her friendship that was falling apart, and as well as grieving her mom and accepting her step mom.

The subplot of ‘Better Than the Movies’ was Liz trying to cope with the death of her mother who passed 2 years prior to when the story takes place. One of the ways she copes with her mom’s death is watching rom coms which she grew up watching with her mom. Throughout the book Liz’s mom is constantly mentioned and everyone always says how much she reminds them of her mother. Liz always takes her resemblance to her mother as a compliment but in a part of the book her and Wes have a fight and he says she’s trying to be her mom because that’s one way she copes. I thought that it was a really interesting concept and I’m glad that though her mom passed she’s still such a big part of the book and Liz’s thought process.

Another thing I really enjoyed about the book was all of the references to films and music. Liz has an obsession with films as well as creating playlists for every moment. At the beginning of each chapter there was a quote from a rom com which described how the chapter was going to go, and after finishing the chapter the quote would make a lot of sense and I thought it was a clever way to add substance and hobbies to Liz’s character.

The songs mentioned throughout were also a nice touch because it gave you more of a sense of what was going on and how Liz was feeling in that moment, and how the song could correspond to what was going on. At the end of the book, there was even a page dedicated to Wes and Liz and it’s called “Wes and Liz’s Playlist” that included about 20 songs that showed how they feel about each other and the journey of their relationship throughout the book.

Overall, I think this book was a nice easy read, but I definitely wouldn’t say it’s the best book I’ve ever read. I rate this book 3/5 stars and it’s a great book to read in a short span of time.

Forgotten legends in 5 different sports

By: Dylan Moore

Image taken from: https://www.matchsticksandgasoline.com
/2016/8/11/12430040/89-stanley-cup-champs-wh ere-are-they-now-theo-fleury-calgary-flames

Hockey: Theo Fleury
Theo Fleury is undeniable. The 5’ 6” French Canadian played with a knack for the net and tenacity rivaled by few.

Given his unceremonious end to his career and his drug problems, the NHL has mostly steered clear of Fleury. But his 7 All-Star appearances, 455 goals and 1088 points in 1084 games make him hard to ignore, even as decades pass since his career has ended.

To make it simple, 15 players managed to average over a point per game in both the regular season and the playoffs. 14 of them are in the Hockey Hall of Fame, and then there is Theo Fleury. The 1989 Stanley Cup winner’s Hall of Fame introduction is long overdue.

Baseball: Tony Oliva

The lifelong Minnesota Twin was just inducted into the Hall of Fame this past year. While that is great and shows he isn’t as forgotten as some may think, do not let this distract you from the fact that it took over 40 years for him to be inducted.

While never the best player on loaded Twins teams (hall of farmers Rod Carew and Harmon Killebrew made sure of that), Oliva’s impact on the Twins’s success was second to none. The 3 time batting champion was as consistent as it got, and his gold glove and 8 All Star appearances held up his career enough so he could be re-recognized all these years later.

Football: Fran Tarkenton

Continuing with the hometown heroes of the distant past, Vikings QB Fran Tarkenton is the next player on this list. While he is a long-time Hall of Famer, his impact has been largely forgotten. Not only did he hold just about every passing record a QB could for a decade after he retired, he also invented scrambling. For those who don’t know, scrambling is moving around in the pocket to evade defenders, and occasionally leaving the pocket to gain yards by running. This is something previously believed to be undoable by a QB before Tarkenton.

45 years after his retirement, the Vikings legend seems to have left the minds of NFL fans worldwide.

Basketball: Moses Malone

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Michael Jordan, Lebron James, Wilt Chamberlain, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, and Moses Malone. All of these players have one thing in common: 3 or more NBA MVPs. What differentiates Malone from the rest is simply recognition.

Even though Russell and Chamberlain played multiple decades before “The Chairman of the Boards,” they are both consensus top 10 players in every NBA fans mind, while Malone might not make the top 20. While he only won 1 ring, his scoring numbers, All Star appearances and NBA trophies make just about every player in today’s game jealous.

Even though there are plenty that get far more recognition in any all time debates than “Big Mo.” Moses deserves much more respect.

Soccer: Ronald Koeman

While there is no hall of fame for the biggest sport in the world, that hasn’t stopped Ronald Koeman from being snubbed far too many times. The center back had a whopping 193 goals in only 533 career matches at club level (reminder: he was a defender).

While still recognized by most as an all-time great in this position, his career, combined with his goal scoring record, goes far under the radar. The fabulous Dutch defender needs to be discussed by soccer superfans far more than he is.

While not all of these players are fully “forgotten,” it seems their career achievements certainly are. There are so many greats in all the sports discussed today, yet so many get disrespected and downright ignored when it comes to discussing legends of the game. I hope my article today reminded you how talented these individuals were and are.