LAMY Safari review

By: Jocelyn Knorr

Note: This review is not sponsored by LAMY or Goulet Pens, and I received no compensation for this article save credit in my Journalism class.

LAMY is a German pen manufacturer founded on the principles of simplicity and transparency; their bestselling model is the Safari, which I’ll be reviewing today.

The Safari is made for students; fountain pens are required in Germany for classes as early as kindergarten, because most mistakes early writers make are nigh-impossible when writing with one. Another way they keep their target audience in mind is the included ink—a blue-black proprietary cartridge. Converters are also available, for around eight dollars. Its grip is molded into a triangle, which I don’t find unpleasant, but you may find it bothersome if you hold your pen in a different way. 

As for technical specs, the pen is around 5.5 inches with the cap on and weighs around 10 grams. It posts (writing with the cap on the back of the pen) easily, however those with larger hands may find that the cap’s edge rests directly on the back of their hand (assuming you write with it posted). 

Nibs are available in three sizes that come with the pen—extra fine, fine, and medium—and other specialty nibs are available separately from LAMY. Mine was purchased with a medium; it’s a fairly smooth writer, though there’s a bit of feedback even with the medium nib. The nibs are friction-fit, which means that to switch out nibs, you simply have to gently tug on them.

Overall, I’d recommend the Safari for students, newbies, or anyone searching for a cheap, durable pen. It’s $29.60 from Goulet Pens, which is incredible value for the quality, and LAMY’s customer service and warranty is also known to be excellent.

Fairies and nymphs

By: Maya Breininger

Many children of today are fully equipped with the knowledge to identify what a “fairy” is. If you asked a seven-year-old what they thought of this mythical creature, how do you think they would respond? Many descriptions that come to mind are; “kind, magical, pretty, smiling.” In summary, many would describe fairies as creatures that are on the side of humanity.

Image taken from: https://www.commonsensemedia

The origin of Fairies can be traced back to many different cultures, and they became popular due to many films that are big in the industry today. One great example is a trilogy named “Tinkerbell” which follows the story of a young female fairy who tries to find her place within her friend group. It experiments with the idea that fairies control the seasons, and makes it clear that humans are unaware of the fairies’ existence. These movies show that different fairies have different elemental powers, and work together as small entities to help bring seasons to humans.

Another kind of fairy tale is the Ancient Greek story of “Nymphs”. They relate to “Tinkerbell” in the sense that fairies also had different kinds of elemental powers, such as freshwater nymphs, sea nymphs, forest nymphs and mountain nymphs. However, they are different in the sense that their purpose is not to help humans, but to continue on with their fae lifestyle.

Now that you’ve learned about two different published types of fairies we travel further into the “elements” in which they control, in general literature, and overall knowledge of these creatures.

Aquatic fairies have widely been known to manage and control the power of the morning dew, rivers, lakes and other freshwater bodies. Earth fairies manage the gravel, plants, and animals of the earth. After covering the elements in which these fairies control, which of these fairies would you personally like to have?

‘Ginny and Georgia’ review and summary

By: Ayamei Her

Note: In both season 1 and season 2, it mentions some sensitive topics such as: eating disorders, body dysmorphia, depression, self harm, abuse, sexual abuse, racism, and drug abuse. 

If you don’t know what ‘Ginny and Georgia’ is, it is Netflix’s current #1 show and it is full of drama and intensity. In season one, the show introduces a mother with her kids in a car together, on their way to a new town to live in. Georgia (the mom) has moved her two kids (Ginny and Austin) around through many cities and towns. Georgia wanted to settle, and she wanted stability, so she decided on the small town of Wellsbury.

Ginny was upset about the move, she always felt like Georgia was always disrupting her life once she felt as if she had settled in, although Ginny was worried about fitting in and making friends, she made friends quickly with Maxine, and her twin brother Marcus, who lived across the street from Ginny and her family.

At her new school, Maxine introduces Ginny to her friends Abby and Nora, and they become a friend group and combine their initials together to make a name for the group which is “MANG”. 

The first complication is that Ginny develops feelings for her best friend’s twin brother Marcus. Despite those feelings, Ginny starts dating a boy name Hunter. Ginny sneaks Marcus into her room nearly every night though, keeping him close and exploring her feelings for him. Eventually, she cheats on Hunter with Marcus, but inevitably, with time, everyone finds out about Ginny and Marcus’s secret affair. 

Now, with Georgia, she is one of my favorite characters because her back story is just so deep; her character does so well with hiding it. She is clever, playing mind games with people, while most of all trying to be the best mother she can be for her kids. Georgia has a very rough past and decided to hide it from her kids to protect them, she ran away from her abusive home and joined a dangerous biker gang who protected her while she was pregnant with Ginny, raising her alone at the age of 16.

Georgia has done some unspeakable things such as kill people who she felt she had to protect her kids from. She says from time and time again that she does everything for her kids and to protect her kids. 

Georgia and her son Austin
Ginny and Georgia

A private investigator was sent to see into Georgia’s past to see who she really was. He finds out that she has been through a life of crime and pain and tells Ginny that he knows about her mother’s life, and that he doesn’t want someone with a past like Georgia’s to be around Ginny and her brother Austin. After Ginny was told, she put the pieces together and left home with her brother, and that’s how they ended season 1. 

Season 2 starts with showing that Ginny and Austin went and stayed with her father for awhile, and it shows that her mother is angry at Ginny, but misses her kids very much and still has no idea that Ginny knows of the crime Georgia committed. Soon, Ginny tells her father about her self harm, but begs him to not tell her mother, so he secretly puts Ginny in therapy so she can get the professional help she needs.  

During this, Ginny moves back to her mom’s and starts the angsty teen rebel phase where she starts to skip school, smoke, and spontaneously dyes her hair. 

While Ginny starts to seriously date Marcus, Maxine and Nora continue not being friends with Abby and Ginny, but Abby and Ginny start to become friends.

During Ginny and Marcus’s relationship, everything was going great and they seemed to be perfect for each other. But Marcus starts to have a depressive episode and feels like his happiness is only coming from Ginny. He says that it’s not fair to have his happiness depend on one person, and he can’t love her if he can’t love himself, so he decides to break up with Ginny.

Ginny and Abby decide to reconnect with Maxine and Nora, and they all become friends again. During Maxine’s show, that she was acting in for school, Marcus takes Ginny out in the hall and they break up which leaves Ginny heartbroken. 

Marcus and Ginny

I won’t spoil the ending of season 2 in case you haven’t watched it, but I would recommend watching the show if you like a roller coaster of emotions and tons of new surprises.

All images taken from the Ginny & Georgia Instagram page at: gngbts