Xbox vs. PlayStation

By: Manny Ochoa-Reeves

Image taken from: Xbox Vs PlayStation

Console wars have been a debate since the early 1990s. Everyone would argue if Xbox or PlayStation was better. Nintendo isn’t really included in the console war because of how different it is from Xbox and PlayStation. The two are very similar with only a couple of differences.

The main thing that separates Xbox and PlayStation is the exclusive games. PlayStation has some games that can’t be played on Xbox, for example “Spider-Man”, “God of War”, “Horizon” and more.

Xbox is definitely lacking on exclusive games; they really only have “High On Life”, “Halo”, and “Forza”.

I definitely think that PlayStation is taking advantage of their exclusive games because that’s probably why most people buy PlayStation consoles.

In my opinion, the looks of the consoles definitely matter. The PS5 design looks really good because it’s white with a more futuristic vibe. The reason it looks really clean is because both the controller and the console light up with colored LED lights. Something interesting about the PS5 is that it’s made out of plates that you can take off and replace with other ones with cool designs.

On the other hand, you have the new Xbox which is kind of just a black box with a white button, and it’s a bit taller than older designs. Especially without the disc slot, it looks really bland and boring.

The controllers are very important in this battle of consoles. The Xbox controller is just about the same, but they worked on their vibration to make games more enticing. The PS5 made an entire new controller, matching the PS5 with a futuristic design. They also added a little mouse pad type thing that would affect some games. PlayStation has definitely been trying to design a better look for their technology.

Over the years, Xbox and PlayStation have both come out with many gaming consoles that have been tied in their power, graphics and quality. The Xbox Series X and the PS5 are almost tied with their performance, but the Xbox has a better GPU making it faster and better.

Personally, I’ve been playing Xbox for my whole life. But just recently, I got a PS5 just so that I could play the exclusive games. For me, I really can’t tell the difference, it’s really just which controllers and exclusive games you prefer. But in reality, the console war is really dying down because of computer games. You can get some of the exclusive games on a computer and have a better performance.

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