The cons of standardized testing

By: Addison Strack

Standardized testing is a practice that has been around for many years. It was developed to test children’s understanding of subjects, and determine the level that they’re learning at. Many people question if this method of testing is accurately determining these things though.

One of the main reasons that people are against standardized testing is that all students have different ways of learning and showing their understanding. Some kids may thrive in a standardized testing environment, while others may not. The kids that don’t do as well on standardized tests, might be able to show their learning better through oral presentations, or group projects.

Standardized tests also don’t value creativity. Most questions require an answer with a certain format, and creative answers that don’t exactly follow the format may be counted wrong.

Most questions on standardized tests are multiple choice, or open-ended questions. Students may attempt to memorize certain pieces of information that they know will be on the test. After the test, it’s likely that they’ll just forget this information, and won’t actually learn the material.

Students are aware of the fact that the grade they get on this test could affect their future. To obtain a good grade, they might use answers from a friend, use the internet, and more. By doing this they aren’t actually learning the material, just like if they were to memorize it.

Another problem with standardized testing is that it doesn’t help prepare students for the future, or the real world. It is set up in an environment that you’ll rarely or never encounter in the future. In this environment, you can’t ask questions, you can’t use outside learning devices and sources, and you can’t talk with your peers.

A final con of standardized testing is the mental effect that it has of students.

Standardized testing causes a lot of stress, and some students find ways to work through this stress and anxiety, while others don’t. Too much stress can cause your body to enter fight or flight mode, and if this happens while testing, it becomes very difficult to answer higher level questions that could be on the test.

Receiving a bad grade can also affect a student’s self-esteem, and they may begin to connect the grade they receive to their self-worth.

Overall, standardized testing has many negative aspects to it that can’t be ignored.

For more information on standardized testing, feel free to check out the website below:

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