LAMY Safari review

By: Jocelyn Knorr

Note: This review is not sponsored by LAMY or Goulet Pens, and I received no compensation for this article save credit in my Journalism class.

LAMY is a German pen manufacturer founded on the principles of simplicity and transparency; their bestselling model is the Safari, which I’ll be reviewing today.

The Safari is made for students; fountain pens are required in Germany for classes as early as kindergarten, because most mistakes early writers make are nigh-impossible when writing with one. Another way they keep their target audience in mind is the included ink—a blue-black proprietary cartridge. Converters are also available, for around eight dollars. Its grip is molded into a triangle, which I don’t find unpleasant, but you may find it bothersome if you hold your pen in a different way. 

As for technical specs, the pen is around 5.5 inches with the cap on and weighs around 10 grams. It posts (writing with the cap on the back of the pen) easily, however those with larger hands may find that the cap’s edge rests directly on the back of their hand (assuming you write with it posted). 

Nibs are available in three sizes that come with the pen—extra fine, fine, and medium—and other specialty nibs are available separately from LAMY. Mine was purchased with a medium; it’s a fairly smooth writer, though there’s a bit of feedback even with the medium nib. The nibs are friction-fit, which means that to switch out nibs, you simply have to gently tug on them.

Overall, I’d recommend the Safari for students, newbies, or anyone searching for a cheap, durable pen. It’s $29.60 from Goulet Pens, which is incredible value for the quality, and LAMY’s customer service and warranty is also known to be excellent.

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