The Outdoor Club

By: Irene Cohen

Today I am interviewing one of the founders of Highland Park Senior High’s local “Outdoor Club”. Quinn Harvey and Anna Jones are the founders of this club that strives to get fellow members to explore nature in this age of technology. Today, I have Quinn Harvey with me in the flesh, so continue reading to learn more about Highland’s hottest new club.

Interviewer: So Quinn, how did you and Anna come up with this hip new idea? Was it more of a collaboration, or was one of you the mastermind behind it all?

Quinn: It started because last year I was talking to my Chemistry teacher, Ms. Noah, and we were talking about other high schools that had outdoor clubs, and I realized Highland didn’t have one, so this fall I emailed Dr. Tucker, and well… Here we are now!

Interviewer: So it seems like you had the initiative, how did your fellow co-founder get involved in this endeavor?

Quinn: Well, Anna was in my Chemistry class last year. So, while I did introduce the idea, she was often involved in this discussion. When I realized how much time and effort I would need to run this club, I decided to invite Anna to be a part of this journey that is the Outdoor Club.

Interviewer: Walk me through what a typical Outdoor Club meeting looks like.

Quinn: Well, we have two meetings a month. One is at the school, but the other is outside, exploring. The indoor ones are usually informational meetings about the next outing. However, we have watched movies and done various crafts. Some of the previous activities during these outdoor meetings include sledding and hiking. We plan to go rock climbing at our next outdoor meeting!

Interviewer: Can you tell the readers of the Plaid Line where they should go if they are interested in participating in the next one of these meetings?

Quinn: Our meetings are at 7:45 am on Tuesdays, once a month. Our advisor is Ms. Noah in room 3312. Our next meeting is an inside meeting on January 17th. We will be watching safety videos in order to be able to go to Vertical Endeavors later this month. It will be the weekend of the 28th, the details are TBD!

Interviewer: That’s awesome Quinn! Sounds like a good time, I’ll try to catch the next meeting, and hopefully will see some of the loyal Plaid Line readers there as well!

Quinn: I hope to see your face along with many others next meeting! Thank you for having me!

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