Zach Bryan and his newest album ‘American Heartbreak’

By: Mia David

Zach Bryan, a young veteran passionate about country and folk music, has been rising in the music industry. Bryan was born in Oklahoma and was recently discharged from the U.S. Navy. He started producing music in 2019; he has produced three albums and multiple singles and EPs.

Bryan’s most recent album, ‘American Heartbreak’ came out in May 2022. It quickly became popular and has been in the top 20 on Billboard music’s best albums since its release. The album consists of 36 tracks and has a total time of 2 hours.

Bryan explored the idea of storytelling with this new album. While listening, the songs connect to each other and tell stories of falling in and out of love and meeting new people.

When the album was released, Bryan wrote, “I’d like to always be a story-teller and to do that I figured I’d have to fit into many shoes.”

Throughout the past year, Bryan has continued to produce more and more music. After ‘American Heartbreak’ he released an EP called ‘Summertime Blues’ and recently announced the release of yet another EP.

Bryan has been on tour, and he recently played at Surly Brewing Company here in Minnesota, and the concert was completely sold out.

Bryan has been on the rise and continues to gain popularity. However, he remains humble and continues to make music he enjoys. In an interview with the New York Times, he says, “I’m too writing driven to be a big star… I’m not meant for it.” However, Bryan seems to be proving that he can be both.

Bryan’s passion for writing music is refreshing to many, and his old country feel captures the attention of everyone, even those who claim to be anti-country music.

People enjoy Bryan’s music not just because of his talent but because of how relatable he is and how much he loves what he does.

Bryan describes his attitude towards music and life the most accurately. In an Instagram post, he writes, “My only ambitions in this life are to never bend to the thoughtless routines of this world, to always move slow enough to watch the sunrise, and to accept every single person for who they are, exactly where they stand, regardless if they can return the favor.”

You can listen to Zach Bryan’s music on all streaming platforms.

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