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About ‘Prey’ the movie:

‘Prey’ is about a girl named Naru and she’s a skilled warrior of the Comanche Nation.
She fights and protects her tribe against the most highly-evolved predators on earth.

Naru has a brother named Taabe and a mother named Aruka. Naru was invested into finding out who was the Predator ever since she was a little girl. She’s been keeping track of the Predator when it comes to earth and when it leaves, and what it does while it’s here.

She liked hunting but the more she liked hunting the more she wanted to hunt down the Predator. Everyone in her tribe doesn’t think that she can be a good hunter or can hunt at all.

One day when she was old enough, she decided to hunt the Predator but before that she had some practice and the taste of revenge before hunting it.


Naru: Naru is a girl who’s a skilled warrior of the Comanche Nation. Her father died to protect his family when she was young in the movie and we never got to meet her father, or ever hear his name. His death was important because she wants to take revenge for his death.

Predator: The Predator is a creature that the tribes call the Predator. The Predator kills and takes out anything that gets in its way. The Predator is like half creature and half robot. He/she can go invisible so that people can’t see him/her. It’s weakness is when he/she doesn’t have its mask on it can’t really see or do anything without it.

Brother of Naru, Taabe: Taabe is a warrior of the Comanche Nation which means that he protects and hunts for his family. Though he was supportive of his sister, he didn’t really believe her when she talked about the Predator.

Naru’s mother Aruka: The mom is a woman who stays home and takes care of her family. She is also a woman that helps the tribe and makes medicine. She taught her daughter how to use medicine that she later uses in her fight against the Predator.

I would give this movie a 9/10. You can watch it on Hulu.

Fall coffee review

By: Alexa Ramirez

Fall has quickly taken over, leaving a variety of red, orange and yellow leaves, crisp cool air, and has the world pulling out their coziest sweaters and curling up with an endless amount of blankets. And out of all of these fall things, the pumpkin flavor beats them all. So in honor of fall, I’m going to be going to different coffee shops in Saint Paul in search of the perfect pumpkin drink to enjoy this fall.

I chose to go to Nina’s, a small business just outside of downtown St. Paul, but also to buy from two chain shops. Starbucks, a national and very attainable one, and Caribou, one that’s unique to the Midwest and is very common in MN. This system allows for a small business to be represented, but also for people to be able to go out and get the drinks they’re reading about, as some shops are more attainable and common than others.

The first place I went to was Nina’s. It’s located in St. Paul on 165 Western Ave. When I first walked in I noticed a calm, productive environment of people working, studying, and discussing; the perfect coffee shop feel. I ordered the Iced Pumpkin Chai (in a small size) which was written down as one of their specials. I really enjoyed this drink. It had a nice ratio of pumpkin and chai flavor and was also sprinkled with cinnamon which really tied it together. It cost me $6.09 which I thought was slightly overpriced, but definitely not because of the quality of the drink, just because of the quantity that was given to me since the size was small. It paired really nicely with the vanilla frosted donut and made for a nice fall treat. I would definitely order it again and maybe try it hot instead of iced. I rate this drink a 5/5 and would definitely recommend it!

The next place I went to was the Caribou inside of the Lunds and Byerlys in the Highland Village. The coffee shop itself was really pretty and was nice to spend time in. I wish I could’ve given my drink the same review. I ordered the Iced Pumpkin Latte in a small size. Its flavor was fine, but I could barely taste the pumpkin I had expected over the bitter coffee flavor of the drink. It cost me $5.19 which I thought was overpriced for the quality but especially the quantity of the drink. They hardly gave me any of my drink and instead filled the cup with ice to fill the space which was frustrating to pay 5$ for. I wouldn’t recommend this or buy it again. I rate this drink a 2/5 because I love Caribou, but this drink did not represent fall and wasn’t worth ordering.

Lastly, I went to Starbucks. I ordered a small Iced Pumpkin Spice Latte that came with whipped cream and cinnamon on top. The pumpkin flavor was strong, sweet and was not overtaken by the coffee flavor, which I really enjoyed. The cinnamon flavor also added to the fall theme that I have been looking for and did not get at Caribou. The drink cost $5.45 which was a little bit on the expensive side given the small portion, but I definitely enjoyed it so I felt I got my moneys worth. I would definitely get this drink again and recommend it paired with a warm chocolate croissant. I rate it a 4/5 because the drink itself was great, but I think if you’re really looking for that fall feeling, there’s better places you can go.

I loved writing about and exploring all these places, but I without a doubt enjoyed Nina’s the most. It made me happy to be able to support a small business, while also getting the most out of my money and time. So, to anyone looking for a great environment to spend time in while enjoying a delicious fall drink, Nina’s is definitely the way to go.

Comparing online second-hand stores

By: Emilia Moberg

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Now more than ever, it’s easy to buy clothing online. There are thousands of different brands, high-end to cheap, well-established to newly created. However, there are other ways to engage with fashion online besides purchasing brand-new clothing.

Thrifting is a widely popular way to buy clothing, due to the often low prices, unique pieces and participation in sustainability. In recent years, there has been a shift of focus to sustainable clothing. Upcycled clothing, clothing made in ethical work environments and thrifted clothing are a few examples of sustainable clothing options.

While some still opt for “fast fashion” for a variety of reasons, including lack of accessibility to sustainable clothing, or the cheap price points, there are many online retailers that sell second-hand clothing. In this article, I will be comparing two of these sites.

Depop was founded in 2011 by Simon Beckerman, as a clothing marketplace app focused on combining the social aspect of Instagram with online buying and selling. Before Depop, Beckerman ran an arts and fashion magazine called PIG. However, as the internet cemented itself in our modern culture, Beckerman saw the decline of print media and felt a need to switch to a digital platform.

Image taken from: https://www.tappollo.com

Grailed was started in 2013 by Arun Gupta as a high-end menswear resale platform. The site includes a variety of luxury brands like Supreme, Rick Owens, Marc Jacobs and many more. Grailed streamlined the high-end clothing buying process through their app, whereas in the past these items were not as easily accessible online.

Both companies have similarities and differences. The pair were started to fulfill a need in the fashion industry and have a majority young audience, with 90% of Depop’s users being under 26. Through the app interface, users are able to sell items from their homes.

However, the two platforms cater to different audiences. Depop is a one stop shop for thrifted items; it’s easy to look up general keywords and find something close to what you’re looking for. Grailed is more geared towards consumers looking for specific, luxury pieces.