Mexico’s day of independence

By: Stephanie Caballero Benitez

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El día de la independencia de México se celebra entre los días 15 y 16 de septiembre. El 15 de Septiembre es el día en que el ‘grito de independencia’ es gritado. El grito es realizado por el presidente actual de México y transmitido por todo México, a veces también en las noticias de Estados Unidos. No solamente es un grito, este grito tiene importancia ya que los nombres de los héroes son ornados. Los ‘héroes’ son los que pelearon por la independencia de México. 

En la noche Septiembre 16, 1810 en Dolores, Hidalgo. Miguel Hidalgo, un sacerdote y Costilla fueron al pueblo y declararon que ya era suficiente. En ese pequeño pueblo de Guanajuato, Hidalgo dio el grito de Dolores, el grito de guerra de México. “¡Viva Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe, muerte al mal gobierno, muerte a los gachupines !”. Esto empezó la guerra para la independencia de México. Miguel Hidalgo tuvo mucho apoyo de diferentes pueblos que el lidió al capital de México, desafortunadamente esto terminó con muchas muertes. Miguel fue capturado junto con José María Morelos y Pavón, Mariano Matamoros y Vicente Guerrero ya que el y Jose, Pavón, Mariano, y Vicente todos estaban contra los crueles realistas españoles. En Julio 30, 1811 Hidalgo fue ejecutado. 

Hoy hay ocasiones en que el 5 de Mayo se confunde con el día de la independencia. Aunque son similares, el 5 de mayo es celebrado por una guerra ganada contra el Segundo Imperio Francés. El día de la independencia es celebrado con una fiesta grande, fuegos artificiales, desfiles, bailes, músicos, también se venden comidas típicas. En México es muy común ver a personas vestidas con ropa tradicional y los colores de México durante estas fechas. Aunque típicamente el grito es dado en México también se da en Minnesota, en El Consulado de México a las 12 de la noche.

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For those of you unable to read Spanish, here is the English translation:

Mexico’s Independence Day is celebrated between September 15 and 16. September 15 is the day that the “Cry for independence” is given. The cry is made by the current president of Mexico and broadcast throughout Mexico, and sometimes on the US news as well. It is not only a war cry, this cry has importance since the names of the heroes are honored. The ‘heroes’ are those who fought for the independence of Mexico.

On the night of September 16, 1810, in Dolores, Hidalgo Miguel Hidalgo, a priest, and Costilla went to town and declared enough was enough. In that small town of Guanajuato, Hidalgo gave the cry of Dolores, the Mexican war cry. “Long live Our Lady of Guadalupe, death to the bad government, death to the gachupines!”

This started the war for the independence of Mexico. Miguel Hidalgo had a lot of support from different towns that he brought to the capital of Mexico, unfortunately this ended with many deaths.

Miguel was captured along with José María Morelos y Pavón, Mariano Matamoros, and Vicente Guerrero since he and Jose, Pavón, Mariano, and Vicente were all against the cruel Spanish royalists. On July 30, 1811 Hidalgo was executed.

Today, there are times when May 5 is confused with Independence Day. Although similar, May 5 is celebrated for a war won against the Second French Empire.

Independence Day is celebrated with a big party, fireworks, parades, dances, musicians, and typical foods are also sold. In Mexico, it is very common to see people dressed in traditional clothing and the colors of Mexico during these dates.

Although the cry is typically given in Mexico, it is also given in Minnesota, at the Mexican Consulate, at 12 midnight.

Pros and cons of the grading system

By: Addison Strack

Grades are looked at in many different ways. Some people consider them a good thing, while others feel the opposite way. This article will be sharing information about how grades, and the grading system, are both positive and negative, and how they impact students.


There are many benefits to the grading system that can help students in their academic careers. One of the main purposes that the grading system serves is to give students feedback on their assignments and tests. This feedback can help students to improve their work, and learn more about themselves, and their learning style.

Grades also help teachers understand where their students are at in their learning levels. This can give teachers an idea of who might need some extra help, and who understands the assignments.

Another benefit that grades have is giving students a goal, and something to work for. This teaches them important skills they’ll need for their future, such as setting a goal, and making a plan to achieve this goal.

Another way that grades prepare students for the future is by teaching them how to use the feedback they receive.

One final positive about grades is that they are almost universally used, and this makes them fairly easy to understand.


Although the grading system does have many positive aspects to it, there are some negative parts to it as well.

One of the main downsides to the grading system is that it can cause students a lot of stress and anxiety. Students have a lot of pressure to have good grades from not only parents and teachers, but themselves as well. If students receive a bad grade, this can lower their self esteem and confidence.

According to, in a survey, 80% of college freshmen said that their self-worth was connected to their grades. This means that they felt that whatever grade they got determined if they were good enough or not.

Earlier, it was mentioned that students can have pressure from their parents to get good grades. This is because many parents consider grades a reflection of how much their child is paying attention, and/or trying in school. They may punish their children if they receive a bad grade, and this can lead to a strained relationship between a parent and child.

One final downside to the grading system is that it doesn’t necessarily represent a student’s understanding of a topic accurately. Everyone is different, and has different ways of learning and understanding information.

Many students will attempt to memorize information that will be on their next assessment, but don’t actually understand or learn what they are memorizing, and forget a lot of the information after the assessment.


The bottom line is that the grading system has many different positive and negative impacts, and there are many differing opinions of whether it is a good or bad thing. There is solid evidence and strong arguments for both sides of this question, but the answer may never be decided.

If you would like to read more about the pros and cons of the grading system, feel free to check out these website:

Spotlight on HPSH volleyball player Alyssa Ramos

By: Ayamei Her

Alyssa Ramos is on Highland’s varsity volleyball team. The position she plays is libero which she says “I honestly love playing libero I didn’t think I would but it feels right and I feel like I have more control over both the game and the ball.” Alyssa says it fits her because she’s good at defense, running the back court, and she isn’t the tallest or the most aggressive on the team. Being on the volleyball team is about being committed, being open to own up to your mistakes, and wanting to fix them. 

Getting on the team isn’t always an easy process. Alyssa was on the varsity team last year but that doesn’t mean her spot this year was guaranteed; she still fought to keep her spot and to show that she deserved to keep it and stay on varsity. Everyone tries out for the team all together.

There’s 5 days of tryouts and boot camp was everyday from 9-2 with a lunch break. During the boot camp, they broke down the skills, did conditioning to see who could keep up, and practiced passing and serving. The boot camp also included seeing how you could play defense and offense. It was about who deserved a spot on the teams, but it’s not just about how you play it’s also about your attitude and mindset. 

Image taken from: The official volleyball instagram of the HPSH team: hpvb_2022

Most of the team has been playing together for a long time. Some players have more experience than others because they play club volleyball which is also the reason why not everyone on the team is going at the same pace or playing on the same level.

Playing volleyball is mostly about having fun, but it’s also “A game of mistakes,” which is how Alyssa Ramos described it. To prepare for games they study the other team’s and their players to see their weakest and strongest players and play accordingly. 

Last year, the Highland varsity volleyball team was state bound. Alyssa says it was scary and didn’t realize it was the real deal until they placed 1st in the conference. She also adds that it was an amazing experience that was incredibly fun. 

Image taken from: The official volleyball instagram of the HPSH team: hpvb_2022

I asked Alyssa what her words of inspiration were to help young girls stay motivated and continue on with volleyball, and she said, “If you really want a spot on the team you have to go out and show them what you’re capable of and if you get the spot, show them that you earned it. Everyone makes mistakes, volleyball is a game of mistakes. You have to have the right mindset for the game and practices. Give it your all even in practice.” 

Image taken from: The official volleyball instagram of the HPSH team: hpvb_2022

Sports schedule for: Oct 3-8

3:30pm Tennis Sections vs. HardingHOME
4:00pm / 4:00pm 6:00pm Boys Soccer vs. SimleyHOME
5:30pm / 5:30pm 7:00pm4:45pm / 8:15pmVolleyball vs. Como ParkComo Park High School
6:00pm4:30pm / 8:00pmJV Football vs. Como ParkComo Park High School
5:00pm / 7:00pm3:30pm / 6:30pm 5:30pm / 8:30pmGirls Soccer vs. CentralCentral High School
4:30pm / 4:30pm  4:30pm3:15pm / 6:00pmBoys Soccer vs. KennedyBloomington Kennedy High School
5:00pm / 7:00pm Girls Soccer vs. South St. PaulHOME
5:30pm / 5:30pm 7:00pm Volleyball vs. CentralHOME
5:30pm / 5:30pm 7:00pm Volleyball vs. HardingHOME
7:00pm4:00pm / 9:30pmFootball vs. Mound WestonkaMound Westonka High School
10:30am6:45am / 2:00pmCross Country MeetArrowwood Resort – Alexandria
1:00pm Boys Varsity Soccer vs. SouthwestMPLS Southwest  High School