Harry Styles Love on Tour: A review and overview

By Erin M. Moore

On October 15, 2022, I had the privilege of attending Harry Styles’ Love on Tour. In my opinion, it was the best concert I’ve been to in my entire life. Thus, I decided to detail and review the experience for anyone who comes across this article.

Disclaimer for the following article: I am a huge fan of both Harry Styles and his music, so this article will definitely be affected by that. 

I’ll begin with an overview of the concert. 

His North America tour began in Toronto on August 15th and 16th, then went to New York from August 20th-September 21st. From there he went to Austin from September 25th-October 3rd, Chicago from October 6th-October 15th, and finally to Los Angeles from October 23rd-November 15th.

His Europe, Asia, and South America tour began on June 11th, in Glasgow, UK and will end on December 10th in Curitiba, Brazil, taking a break for the North America tour following July 31st in Lisbon, Portugal, and prior to his concert in Guadalajara, Mexico on November 20th. 

Harry’s North America setlist has contained most every song from his most recent album, ‘Harry’s House,’ along with “Golden”, “Adore You”, “Treat People With Kindness”, and “Watermelon Sugar” from his second solo album, ‘Fine Line.’ It also included “Sign of the Times” and ‘Kiwi”, from his first solo album, “What Makes You Beautiful”, from his first album with One Direction, and an unreleased song, “Medicine”.

I attended the final night in Chicago, Illinois at the United Center on October 15, 2022. The United Center had several special features for the concert, including Late Night Talking Phone Booths to record a message for Harry Styles, Harry’s Garage Photo Wall to take pictures in front of, Commemorative Puzzle Pieces for the first 10,000 fans at each show, and Harry’s Hangout, a lounge for chaperones of those attending the concert. 

On to the review section. 

Two of my friends, fellow students at HPSH, also attended earlier dates in Chicago. “I’ve never been so happy and sad at the same time,” said Lucy Bradford, “it was the peak of my existence.” 

Prior to the concert, my favorite songs off his album, ‘Harry’s House,’ were “Late Night Talking,” “As It Was,” and “Love of My Life.” I was also very excited to hear “Kiwi” as it was my favorite off his first solo album. 

After the concert, this remained fairly similar. The best song, in my opinion, that I heard live, was “Medicine”, though most of the songs I listed in the above paragraph were high up in my list as well. While “Medicine” was frequently on his setlist three years ago, October 15 was the third time he’d played it since. The crowd was likely at its height volume-wise, his vocals and dancing were amazing, and the song in general was great. 

While I adore all of his songs, my least favorite song of his that I heard live was probably “Adore You,” simply because it didn’t stick out to me as a performance anywhere close to as outstanding as some of his others, and it wasn’t as memorable as many of his setlist. 

If you know anything about Harry Styles outside of his music career, you know he’s known for his fashion sense, which many would consider to be groundbreaking. For the concert I attended, he wore a white vest with yellow hearts and baby blue pants. Which, in my opinion, was one of his best outfits of the tour thus far (however, not the best, because he’s had some utterly stunning outfits in earlier concerts). 

On the topic of fashion, the concert also sold lots of various types of merchandise, including crewnecks, hoodies, shirts, tote bags, socks, and posters (though posters were free at the concert I attended). Chicago had orange crewnecks, which weren’t as cute of a color as some others, but still looked very comfy and great on those who purchased them. I got the black concert t-shirt, because I thought it had the best design, it would be comfortable, and I would frequently wear it. Overall, the merch was very stylish and comfortable.

One of my favorite memories from the concert was when “Medicine” came on and the entire arena was filled with noise. I also enjoyed when he read peoples’ signs and responded to them.

Want to learn more? Check out unitedcenter.com/harryshouse, harrystyles.com, any social medias of Harry Styles’, YouTube (and other) videos of the concert, or playlists of the setlist. 

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