By Leticia Bugg Sam

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About ‘Prey’ the movie:

‘Prey’ is about a girl named Naru and she’s a skilled warrior of the Comanche Nation.
She fights and protects her tribe against the most highly-evolved predators on earth.

Naru has a brother named Taabe and a mother named Aruka. Naru was invested into finding out who was the Predator ever since she was a little girl. She’s been keeping track of the Predator when it comes to earth and when it leaves, and what it does while it’s here.

She liked hunting but the more she liked hunting the more she wanted to hunt down the Predator. Everyone in her tribe doesn’t think that she can be a good hunter or can hunt at all.

One day when she was old enough, she decided to hunt the Predator but before that she had some practice and the taste of revenge before hunting it.


Naru: Naru is a girl who’s a skilled warrior of the Comanche Nation. Her father died to protect his family when she was young in the movie and we never got to meet her father, or ever hear his name. His death was important because she wants to take revenge for his death.

Predator: The Predator is a creature that the tribes call the Predator. The Predator kills and takes out anything that gets in its way. The Predator is like half creature and half robot. He/she can go invisible so that people can’t see him/her. It’s weakness is when he/she doesn’t have its mask on it can’t really see or do anything without it.

Brother of Naru, Taabe: Taabe is a warrior of the Comanche Nation which means that he protects and hunts for his family. Though he was supportive of his sister, he didn’t really believe her when she talked about the Predator.

Naru’s mother Aruka: The mom is a woman who stays home and takes care of her family. She is also a woman that helps the tribe and makes medicine. She taught her daughter how to use medicine that she later uses in her fight against the Predator.

I would give this movie a 9/10. You can watch it on Hulu.

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