Ten fun things to do during Halloween season

By: Maya Breininger

It’s finally that time of year, where we layer up on sweaters and pumpkin spice rules the flavor industry; Halloween Season!

As exciting as autumn is for many people, a reoccurring challenge that many usually face is that when each season comes around, it’s difficult to choose how to best celebrate the jolly time. If you struggle with planning fun fall ideas, or would overall appreciate a detailed guide of things to do during October, read on my friend!

Here is a complete guide of exciting festivities and activities to take part in during Autumn!

Number 1: Decorate your House Exterior

We start with a classic fall tradition many partake in, but could not be overlooked on this Halloween List. Decorating your house! Considering it’s ‘tis the season to be scary, many shops and stores will have decorations available for you to purchase! Red leaf wreaths, skeletons, graveyards and candles! There are many creative ways to go about this activity. It’s fun, easy and a nice activity to carry out with friends and family.

Number 2: Create Halloween Themed Treats

Ghosts, Witches, Bats – Oh my! What screams autumn more than a chocolate covered pretzel, decorated as your favorite monster? You haven’t experienced true Halloween fun until you’ve topped cupcakes with orange, green, and purple frosting, or grounded Oreo’s to look like the dirt on your graveyard cake! Making snacks – whether it be for a party, or for you own tasty interests – is always a fun way to spend the 31st of October.

Number 3: DIY Interior Decor

Image taken from:

Before you throw away that milk bottle – go ahead and spray paint it white and draw a ghost face on it! And that toilet paper roll, paint it white and place a fake candle head inside, boom – Hogwarts level candles at your fingertips! There are plenty of interior decor designs that can be made with ordinary things in your house!

Number 4: Visit an Apple Orchard/ Pumpkin Patch

What better way to celebrate the spooky season, than to visit the hub of growing gourds? scarecrows, hay barrel rides, apple cider and corn fields! The perfect geographic location for all of your autumn needs. Pick out a gourd, apple, or pastry to bring home, and munch down on your fresh treats!

Number 5: Carve Pumpkins

Image taken from:  https://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/725452/Pumpkin-Day-how-carve-Jack-o-lantern-like-pro- Halloween-guide-steps-make-tips

Well now that you’ve taken your pumpkin home, skinned its guts, and baked its insides, why not carve a face in it as well? The face of Jack o’ Lantern is an old, spooky story that would be an interesting tale to tell over your fireplace. Go ahead and place these funky pumpky guys on your front porch!

Number 6: Have a Halloween party

Now that you have your house decorated, your treats made, your DIY decorations crafted, and your pumpkins carved, it’s time to show them off to friends and family! Having company join you around a spooky fire and sharing and enjoying your scary treats together sounds like the perfect way to celebrate your Halloween night, no?

Number 7: Costumes

If that face doesn’t scare you, what will?
Dressing up in your favorite costume would definitely put a smile on your face – or of the face of anyone who beholds you!

Number 8: Visit a Haunted House

Image taken from: https://jonman492000.wordpress.com/2020/
08/09/haunted-houses-demonic-domiciles-polterg eists-and-malevolent-entities/

Boo! We’re you scared? No? Oh, man.
Well, if that didn’t set shivers down your spine, try visiting a haunted house! An enclosure full of mummy’s, witches, ghosts, and skeletons. Nothing like a room of horror to get your blood pumping!

Number 9: Put on a Puppet Show

Image takan from:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XuR9TNnvWvE

Here’s something fun and simple that will always excite the kids;
A puppet show!
Gathering crowds of kids from all over, preforming for them on the scariest night of the year! Go ahead and get some paper, fold it, and color it into your favorite monsters!

Number 10: Visit Stores with Free Halloween Samples

Who can say no to free food? Head down to your local grocery store, and peek around on Halloween! Search for the tiny tray of candy and treats ready for you to eat with your family; it’s almost like store trick or treating! Be careful to avoid opening things in boxes – those usually need to be purchased!

Now that you’ve taken a dive into this list and seen what true fun can be had on Halloween, what activity will you be trying out? Maybe a trip to the pumpkin patch with your friends, or visit a haunted house with your family! Either way, you now have many ideas on how to spend your October Holiday!

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