‘Breaking Bad’ review

By: Manny Ochoa-Reeve

A broke high school teacher with cancer has a daughter on the way and needs to cook meth to provide for his family. The hit 2008 AMC show ‘Breaking Bad’ is popular again! If you go on social media you will most likely hear about this show. I watched it and I wanted to see what all the hype was about.

This TV show follows a high school teacher in New Mexico who has been diagnosed with cancer. He’s running out of money with the hospital bills, a baby on the way, and a disabled son. There’s no way he can make enough money from being an underpaid chemistry teacher. In order to make money, he starts using his chemistry knowledge and teams up with a former student to cook meth so he can start making money. At first, it’s going well and nobody is suspicious, but just like any TV show, this has many twists and turns.

A fan favorite, and my favorite part of the show, is the character development, because the characters change so much after the experiences they’ve had. Each character has their own personality without anything being confusing and stupid. If you had told me this was a documentary about a drug dealer, I would believe it because the characters and acting are so good.

Something really interesting about this show is that the characters come up with an idea, but you don’t know what that idea is, so then you can follow along and try to find out what will happen next. This aspect of the show adds so much mystery and tension to the show and when the writers reveal the outcome of the plan, it gives you a good or bad emotion, depending on the outcome of the plan.

The only thing that I can think of to make this show better is the pacing. The show has lots of big events that happen and whenever there’s nothing going on it can get boring. Whenever something really big happens in the story, and then tension just dies down, you get bored because of nothing happening.

I think that this show was a nine out of ten because of all the detail. The plot and characters made the show what it is today. Seeing the characters evolve and interact with each other really made the show for me. For all these reasons you can really see why this show is all over the internet.

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