The Manga section at Highland High School

By: Maya Breininger

Suppose you’re a student at Highland High School, a school building under the Saint Paul Public School system, and your main interests and hobbies consist of reading manga, graphic novels, and picture books. 

There are many available systems that make the libraries enjoyable and accessible to the students. Systems such as the book return policy, different librarians working to make sure that students enjoy their experience, and so on. 

The librarian working at Highland, a wonderful librarian working to keep our school library system working continually for students.

She works very well with the school, trying her hardest to give the students satisfactory and organized books to their liking. Even though she often pulls through with very satisfactory layouts, the materials and resources given to her are very limited. 

The library receives very little funding from the school district, and has a very limited amount of Title 1 funding. The money it does receive is from a combination of district library services, and Parent Student Teacher grants, or PTSA grants. Even though these resources are available, the librarian expressed how it is not enough to get the school to the recommended amount of books for students across the district.

Some of the main problems the librarian encounters are books often being taken without being checked out, some books never being returned, and some being returned in worse quality than initially rented out. She’s a team of one – basically, drastically understaffed – and often finds it hard to balance her home life with school, considering the limited amount of staff.

Although she faces these many challenges, she acknowledges that the Manga section is the most popular section in the library and tries her hardest to make the best decisions on which manga’s to bring for the students.

As we take a closer look and indulge ourselves in the manga section of the library, you find a wide variety of selections that would satisfy any anime watcher or manga fanatic.

As you can see in the picture below, it’s a very popular and wide section of books that are rented out quite frequently. From a personal perspective, it’s very admirable how organized and clean the Manga section is, despite being handled by many teenage students every day.

Now one may wonder, how can this section be expanded? Does it have enough options? Will the books be accurately displayed within their genres, as well as book titles and descriptions?

The answer is; Yes. The books are all carefully placed and fruitfully organized, and with the money from the school, they have bought and put together a wonderful collection for many students to enjoy. 

A few things to note: Always be mindful of returning your books punctually and in respectable quality, so as to keep the Manga section enjoyable for all who visit. It’s a cool, calm and collected little corner of the library that is kept in wonderful quality by our Librarian Ms. Rahman. It’s a small space that can be used to read your newly purchased books, or that you can recover from your stressful day. 

With all hands in unison, working on growing and improving our library, we can accurately and truthfully say that the Manga section, as well as the whole of our library, is aptly and kindly taken care of. 

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