Girls fashion trends coming this Winter

By Charlotte Lane

Sweaters have always been a classic in my wardrobe, but this season beiges, whites, tans and cream sweaters are it.

These soft, warm tone colors are perfect to pair with any winter jacket. Thankfully, sweaters are a very versatile clothing item and are super easy to transition from fall to winter. They are also really easy to accessorize. So investing in one now would be in your best interest. 

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Surprise surprise, the iconic 80’s plaid blazer look is back! 

Bet you never thought about wearing these anywhere except to an interview but look where we are now…

Plaid blazers are making a comeback and every boss woman should have one in her closet. They can dress up any outfit, and can be paired with jeans or trousers. Not to mention, they are extremely comfortable and forgiving.  

Whether you have a busy day ahead or just wanna look cute, try out wearing a blazer! I guarantee you’ll fall in love.  

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This is no surprise but the “lazy look” is here for women. Personally, this is my go to style because it’s so comfortable. 

I’m happy to throw the skinny jean craze away in favor of loose fit, classic jeans. Jeans can be worn on any day of the week with a simple tee shirt or sweater. Definitely expect to get great wear out of these this winter.

Last year’s trend of the jogger is dead but it brought comfy sweats on to the racks. This winter bet on staying warm and comfy in school/the workplace, while still looking “acceptable”.

Image taken from:
Image taken from:

Chelsea boots have been in for some time now, but I truly think they are going to hit the spotlight this year. These boots are super practical but perfect for any winter outfit. The easy slip on boots will keep your feet warm on long walks and blend in well at school or the workplace.

Image taken from:
Image taken from:

If the typical Chelsea boot isn’t really your style, you can definitely bet your money on some snakeskin boots. 

Honestly, when the animal print style was booming I wasn’t really in love with it. But these subtle snakeskin boots will make you feel like a million bucks as well as keeping you warm throughout the cold months.

Now get out there! And use this as a foundation and have fun with your fashion.

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