Can machines think?


Artificial Intelligence is a big part of how our world is today and what our future will look like. When people go on Google, put something in Google Translate, or order an Uber, they don’t realize how much A.I. is really doing. 

So what is Artificial Intelligence? A.I. is a broad branch of computer sciences. Its goal is to create different systems that can work intelligently and independently.

In more simple words, A.I. makes computers have the intelligence of humans.

There are different algorithms being made, or are already made, that allow computers to solve problems that used to be solved by humans.

The possibilities for A.I. are endless and are being used every single day. Just to name a few examples: A.I. powers voice-based devices, filters our emails, and guides our search engines.

A great example is Tesla’s new model; it’s self driving car. A.I. is a computer within the car. It holds all the road safety rules within it to drive just like a person. 

Now that we know what Artificial Intelligence is, let’s get into the most frequently asked question about it – What will happen if a strong A.I. system succeeds and becomes better at cognitive tasks than humans? 

A.I. has a great potential to become more intelligent than humans in the near future.

How will it behave in the shape of a robot? Will it get out of control and take over?

People ask questions about safety and how humans will stay in control of the machines that could be stronger than anything. The future of it is unpredictable.

Scientists have never done anything like this in the past, so there’s nothing to base what they are doing off of. There’s high controversy on weather to make A.I. stronger than it is, or to not use the resources and leave it be.

No matter what does happen. Artificial Intelligence has forever changed the earth. 

Reusable items

There has been talk of the Earth dying for some time now. To try and stop this many people have decided that they want to spread the idea of a more sustainable living.

One easy and effective way to do this is by switching to reusable products. This helps reduce trash and saves your household tons of money. Imagine not needing to buy plastic baggies for lunch or sponges for dish cleaning again. Continue reading for some reusable item examples. 

Refillable Lotion/Soap Bottles: 

There are tons of different refillable lotion brands to choose from. What to do is you order your lotion from where you want, for example, like the company Plaine Products, and when it’s empty or almost empty you send the bottle back. The company then fills it back up for you. You can do the same thing for hand soap. This helps reduce all the plastic being used to make the lotion and soap bottles you buy only to than throw away.

Reusable Silicone Food Baggies:

Silicone food bags get you to save so much money. Instead of throwing away every plastic storage bag you use, you can buy multiple and use them over and over again. There are many different easy cleaning methods for them that take only a few quick minutes. These bags are durable, and so much more ocean friendly than plastic bags. 

Dishwashing Brush:

Forget about small sponges, purchase a reusable dishwashing brush instead. They are soft enough to clean delicate cups and plates but tough enough to get hard to clean pots and pans as well. A plus about these is that the tool comes with a handy wooden handle. These brushes last much longer than sponges do. They are much more reliable and they help reduce trash.

Silicone Baking Cups: 

These baking cups are a good alternative to paper or aluminum cups. They can be easily washed in the dishwasher or even by hand. You can place them anywhere from the microwave to the freezer. A benefit of using these is you wouldn’t need a muffin tin to help bake. They are durable, affordable, and easy to store. And of course they are better for the earth.