The effect homework has on high school students

High school students live busy lives. With school, work, and social lives, it can be hard for a teenager to find free time during the school year. One of the leading thieves of high schooler’s time is homework. Here are a few reasons as to how homework has an impact of high school students.

Having too much homework can affect the social lives of high school students. Students need time in their day to socialize with others and connect with one another. Having too much homework can result in a lack of a social life, and therefore can lead to difficulty paying attention during classes.

Homework can affect the mental health of high school students. According to a study done at Stanford University, 56% of students said that homework is a primary source of stress in their lives. Having too much homework can lead to stress, lack of sleep, poor eating habits, headaches, and exhaustion. Having less homework has also been proven to relax their brain and help them focus more when it’s actually time to work. 

Homework can also affect the grades of a high school student. Some teachers believe that if they assign more work, the grades of students will be better because they have more opportunities to turn in assignments, but this is not true. Having a lot of homework can stress out students, which leads to them being unable to turn them in. This in turn can lower their grades.

One reason students face a lot of homework during the school year is because it comes from many different classes. Most schools have six or seven class periods in a school day, and while teachers may think that they are not giving much homework, the work is coming from multiple sources. This can add up to become a lot of work for students. This problem can be solved simply by having teachers discuss with each other about the amount of work they hand out to students, and creating a schedule where their homework doesn’t overlap with each other to the point where it’s a ton of work.

Homework affects high school students every day, leading them to make decisions about how to spend their time and to stay organized. With the busy lives of high school students, having too much homework to do should not one be of the things stressing them out.

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