Why you should get your drivers license sooner rather than later

I’ll start this off with assuming most of you have ridden in a car before, but once you start to take your first steps into high school you’ll most likely find yourself riding in a car with a teenager.

A TEENAGER ?? I know.

When I first got into high school never did I ever imagine my friends would be driving me around. Having this privilege of riding around with your friends is amazing, but the worst part about it is you might not even have your driving permit or license yourself.

You begin to wish, “Oh boy, why didn’t I get my driving permit/license as soon as possible?”

Well, to save you from these haunted and terrorizing thoughts, I will write about some of the reasons why you should get your permit/license as soon as possible.This can also possibly be used as a motive, or something, to show your parents.

Firstly, having your license will help you with transport to school. Having your license and being able to drive yourself around will make it a lot easier on not just you, but also your parents trying to figure out a ride situation. This impacts greatly on families who have parents that go to work early and aren’t around to give kids rides to school, kids that don’t have a bus, kids that live far away, and kids with siblings.

Another great reason to get your license early is transport to after school sports, and activities. When your parent or guardian is not around to give you a ride to one of these after school priorities, it can become so much more complicated trying to find another last minute ride or carpool. With your license, you are able to get yourself to these places regardless if your parent is home or not.

Even though there are many more great reasons to get your license early such as getting to your job, having a car for emergencies, and showing manifestation of good citizenship, having your license is a great way for a teenager to symbolize independence and coming of age.

There are few achievements a teen would find significant and a symbol of independence, but one of these achievements is applying for a driver’s license and driving your own car without fear or being caught or penalized by authorities. It’s a great feeling to finally have true freedom and true responsibility.

Image taken from: https://siaonline.com/teen-drivers-and-car-insurance/


I hope these reasons help you find motivation to go get your license or permit, or also maybe help your convince your parents to let you.

Until my next article, I’ll leave you with this one.

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