Highland Park’s Scots’ Cafe

Recently, I haven’t been getting a lot of sleep at night. With all the homework and test prep, sometimes I just need something to help get through the day. And that’s how the Scots’ Cafe became a vital part of my daily routine.

The Scots’ Cafe started back in 2016. It all started because a group of students wanted to have a space where other students could get snacks and drinks before starting their school work. Since the group of students who wanted to get the cafe going graduated, Mr. McCann’s Work-Based Learning students now run the cafe.

The Scots’ Cafe had the help of Fuel Up To Play 60 and HiWay FCU to help with the funding. The students were also awarded grant money, through AD CAP, that went into the Scots’ Cafe for their ideas of making school more health and wellness minded.

The Scots’ Cafe sells smart snacks (school nutrition approved) like granola bars, baked chips, fruit snacks, bottles of juice and Naked Juice (smoothies). The Scots’ Cafe also sells coffee. The coffee is strong in the best way possible and they never get mad when you need 4 creamer cups. Not to mention how convenient it is that you can buy it at school. They have a coffee card available for purchase for $7.50 (6 coffees at the price of 5). Otherwise, it is $1.50 a cup.

Proceeds from the cafe go back into the cafe and also funds student field trips in the Work-Based Learning Program, as well as Special Education community trips.

In the mornings, Kayni Loyd or Jayden Bracy are usually the students collecting the money. Kayni said his favorite part of the Scots’ Cafe was that “People can get food. That’s what we’re here for.” When I asked Jayden what he wished the cafe sold he said “Cheezits” and I think we can all get on board with that.

The Scots’ Cafe is located on the 3rd floor, across from Ms. Headwall’s room. Stop in, show your support, and get your snacks before a long day of class work!

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