Senior year

As senior year is coming to an end, I decided to ask some of my friends how they feel about their last year of high school. My senior year felt like it went by fast and slow at the same time. Whenever I feel that the year has been really slow, I come to the realization that it is already May and we are so close to finishing. Here are some of my friend’s responses on how their senior year went.

Photo by Saulkdi Yangh

Bao Xiong: I feel very stressed out because ever since September I had to start right away on my scholarships and college essays and college applications. I feel like all I did was work and no rest, but that may have partly been because I had a job and I am involved in many clubs and activities. I also feel like high school went by so slow but at the same time so fast. It really did feel like just yesterday when I was a freshman walking around the hallways of my new school.

Theresa Thao: For me, senior year wasn’t great at all. I had so much on my plate that needed to get done at a certain time that just put me in so much stress. I just feel like the year was such a mess like I couldn’t enjoy the good parts of senior year, even that felt stressful.

Dayna Baty: It was all right; got stressed many times here and there but it just felt like every other year. Although it felt like every other year, I feel relaxed knowing that I’ll be done soon. I don’t have a full 7th-hour schedule so that was really nice; I get to sleep in more then come to school. I’m also working this year so sometimes deadlines are very hard to meet and that gives me a lot of stress and anxiety but I pull through eventually.

Timothy Lor: I felt like I missed so many school days and like I just felt like I didn’t really do my best. Like I kept thinking that it’s my last year, so I relaxed a bit and just slacked for a while but eventually, I was able to motivate myself. I just feel like, I could’ve done a lot of assignments or projects better instead of slacking.

These are their responses, some had good experiences and others not so much. Senior year can either be really exciting or stressful or even both. As the year comes close to an end, most of the seniors that I talked to have stated that they feel more stressed about the end of the year.

Some seniors replied that they become more stressed towards the end of the year due to wanting to end things on a perfect note. They want to be able to end their senior year well, with good passing grades, and hopefully have nothing that will hold them back.

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